‘Monster Hunter Rise’: Pre-order versions, inclusions, and bonuses

Monster Hunter Rise trailer snapshot

Capcom recently announced its latest entry in the Monster Hunter series with Monster Hunter Rise for the Switch.

Upon the release of Monster Hunter Rise, it makes for the second Monster Hunter title on the platform, following Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Although the game will share the core gameplay design inherent in the franchise, Rise is breaking grounds by featuring an open-world environment and verticality. Not only will players get to explore larger areas than ever before, but they also get to reach heights that weren’t possible prior. The latter speaks of the game’s functionality to let players climb tall areas with a grappling hook.

Furthermore, Rise will also feature another specie to act as a partner in the game. This specie is a dog called Palamute, which serves as an alternative to the usual felyne, Palico. Being a larger, more capable four-legged creature, a Palamute can play the role of transport for faster navigation across the game’s map.

As is true to Monster Hunter tradition, Monster Hunter Rise will also introduce a slew of new and returning monsters.

Catering to different kinds of consumers, this newest Monster Hunter title will come in three variants—standard, deluxe, and collector’s edition. As interesting as it is exciting, the game is currently up for pre-order now.

Read on for more information on how each version differs from another.

Standard Edition

Consumers who are eager to get their hands on the game as soon as it gets released can pre-order the standard edition on either Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. Alternatively, the game can also be pre-ordered digitally at the eShop. Overall, the standard game comes at a price tag of $59.99, whether a physical copy or not.

Deluxe Edition

For an additional $10 on top of the standard edition pricing, consumers can own a package of the Deluxe Edition. Getting this version gets buyers the following bonus contents in-game:

  • “Kamurai” Hunter layered armor set
  • “Shuriken Collar” Palamute layered armor piece
  • “Fish Collar” Palico layered armor piece
  • Gestures (4 Jumps)
  • Samurai pose set
  • Kabuki face paint
  • “Izuchi Tail” hairstyle

Collector’s Edition

For consumers who like to get a few memorabilia with their purchase, the collector’s edition is the ideal purchase. This is basically the deluxe edition but with additional tangible goodies:

  • Megnamalo amiibo
  • Kamura Mark enamel pin
  • Sticker pack

Pre-order Bonus

Pre-ordering Monster Hunter Rise comes with a perk that is more than just getting the game upon launch. Specifically, pre-orders of the game will grant buyers the following contents:

  • Palamute Retriever Costume layered armor
  • Palico Forest Cat Costume layered armor
  • Novice Talisman for some extra assistance in the early stages

Monster Hunter Rise will release exclusively to the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

Image used courtesy of Monster Hunter/YouTube Screenshot

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