‘Monster Hunter Rise’ revealed, launches March next year

People didn’t expect a lot was coming from the latest Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase, but Capcom caught everyone off guard. During the stream, Monster Hunter Rise has been revealed, and it’s coming soon.

It’s been a while since a new Monster Hunter game graced Nintendo consoles. Monster Hunter Rise just goes to show that Capcom and Nintendo’s partnership is far from over. Here’s everything revealed about the upcoming game.

Release date and platform

The game will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. It will launch globally on March 26, 2021, so there are only a few months left to wait. It’s not going to be like the previously released Monster Hunter World as the new title hopes to bring back the appeal of the early games from the franchise.


Capcom gave us a long look at the game during a mini Direct focused on it after the stream. The game will take in a lot of elements from previous entries while incorporating its own new elements.

The game is set in a Sengoku-era style setting. The main village will be called Kamura Village. Taking a cue from Monster Hunter World, the game will feature seamless exploration between its regions. This means players no longer have to wait between loading times when moving from zone to zone.

Monster Hunter Rise takes its name from the fact that the maps are going to have a lot of verticalities. To easily traverse the maps, players will make use of the Wirebug. Players of Monster Hunter World will feel at home using the Wirebug as it functions similarly to the  Clutch Claw.

Players can use the Wirebug not only to traverse areas but also to initiate attacks from above.

The game will have the standard Palico companions. Other than that, players can bring along Palamutes, which are dog companions. They can help the player in combat. Moreover, players can ride Palamutes, and they don’t have depleting stamina. This will make it easier for players to traverse large maps.

There will also be returning monsters from the franchise. Of course, the highlight of the game is the new monsters, including the Magnamalo, which is the game’s flagship monster.

Turf Wars will be back in the game. This is when monsters face off against one another when they reach each other’s territory.

Monster Hunter Rise launches for the Switch on March 23. We’ll be getting more details about the game within the coming months.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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