‘Monster Hunter Rise’ sells 5 million copies worldwide

Monster Hunter Rise has not just turned out big, and it has exceeded all the expectations. The Capcom title just went past 5 million sales!

Interestingly, Monster Hunter Rise achieved this feat in just ten days of its global launch.

The figures are just slightly behind its predecessor Monster Hunter World. However, that entry was released on platforms simultaneously, unlike the latest installment.

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ moving closer to ‘Resident Evil’!

The current title from Capcom as of now is just a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Speaking of its sales figures then it also sold 1.3 million units in Japan alone, in its first weekend.

Monster Hunter Rise‘s unprecedented success has also proved a new, growing fan base for this universe.

As per several speculations, this franchise might even overtake or come closer to the Resident Evil series in terms of popularity.

Witnessing 5 million sales in just ten days of launch is a big milestone for any major game. However, the latest entry is still behind the total figure of 16 million sales worldwide of Monster Hunter World.

Just last month, Capcom’s European COO Stuart Turner, during his interaction with an online gaming outlet, said this about Monster Hunter Rise:

“We’re very confident that the massive success we’ve had in the past on Monster Hunter World will transfer across to the passionate fanbase we have on Nintendo Switch.”

New games arriving in 2021

Well, Monster Hunter Rise may be doing great already, but it’s not the only game you can try out. 2021 is filled with a lot of unexpected AAA titles scheduled to come out soon!

Some of the most-awaited potential blockbusters are Resident Evil VillageFar Cry 6, and Halo Infinite.

Deathloop, ReturnalGod of War: Ragnarok, a new Call of Duty entry, and Horizon Forbidden West are also highly anticipated.

But that’s not it!

The line-up extends further with the likes of Psychonauts 2, Stray, STALKER 2, Back 4 Blood, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartGhostWire: Tokyo, Dying Light 2, Humankind, Biomutant, New World, and Riders Republic are other crucial launches.

Several recently announced titles to come out soon are The Day BeforeEtched Memories, and Glitchpunk. The latter is similar to Cyberpunk 2077 in terms of its dystopian and futuristic atmosphere.

Coming back to Monster Hunter Rise then it will also be launched for PC next year.

What are your favorite upcoming games for this year? Are you excited and hyped for them?

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Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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