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‘Monster Hunter Rise’ ships 4 million copies, said Capcom


Monster Hunter Rise has now shipped 4 million copies worldwide. According to Capcom, the Switch exclusive release slightly short of its predecessor.

Monster Hunter Rise is the hottest recent game for Capcom, and people are buying. The game, which released on the Switch, got four million sold in its first weekend. Even then, this fell short of the five million sold by Monster Hunter World.

MH Rise sells four million as a Switch-exclusive

Capcom is printing money at the moment, with their unbelievably strong four million copies shipped. While these numbers are below MH World’s numbers, there are a few caveats.

For example, World came out on multiple platforms, while Rise is a Switch exclusive right now. The game will come out next year for PC, so there’s another wave coming next year.

Ever since its first installment in 2004 for the PSP, Monster Hunter has been a cash crop. The entire franchise sold more than 66 million copies up to last year’s estimates. These numbers don’t count Rise and even sales for the year.

MH Rise is selling more than games, with Amiibos available for sale. There’s also the special edition MH Rise Switch console, which is perfect for fans of the game. Following the game, Capcom’s stocks even rose to an all-time high.

Capcom confident with exclusivity model

Capcom expects Monster Hunter Rise to be a cash cow, pinning their 2021 on its success. The company expects the title to generate 20% of the company’s revenues. The pre-orders were beyond promising, and fans are lining up for the game.

However, what’s questionable so far is Capcom focusing on making Rise a Switch exclusive for a year. Its immediate predecessor, Monster Hunter World, is a global hit that made Capcom much money last year. The Iceborne DLC even made them far more.

MH World was available on all platforms, however. Now, Rise will only focus on two platforms. While there’s no information yet, the company will likely do a console port in the future. With all this in mind, Capcom is still confident with this coming year.

“We’re working very closely with Nintendo of Europe to make Monster Hunter: Rise a success in the region,” said Capcom Europe COO Stuart Turner. “We’re very confident that the massive success we’ve had in the past on Monster Hunter: World will transfer across to the passionate fanbase we have on Nintendo Switch.”

Capcom is confident that the install base for Switch will help them ride high. So far, it seems the company is right. Monster Hunter Rise is available for Switch right now, releasing a Day 1 patch last week.

Featured image courtesy of Capcom USA/Youtube Screenshot

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