‘Monster Hunter Rise’ ships seven million copies worldwide


It’s a good year for Capcom right now as Monster Hunter Rise has already shipped seven million copies even if it’s only a Switch exclusive for now.

Monster Hunter Rise is a sure hit, selling well since its release. By the end of May, MH Rise has already sold as many as seven million units worldwide. This comes as another Capcom game, Resident Evil Village, shifted another 4 million copies.

Monster Hunter among Capcom’s most profitable IP

The Monster Hunter franchise is one of Capcom’s most profitable IPs since its inception. The entire franchise itself has already sold as many as 72 million units throughout its history.

The bestselling title for the franchise is, unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter: World. MH: World has sold as many as 17.1 million units. Its expansion pack, Iceborne, sold another 7.7 million as of March 31 this year.

Rise also sold a good chunk around the same time, with 4.8 million units shipped. By April, the game shipped as many as 6 million copies, which is solid growth for the game. By end of this month, the game is on pace to match Iceborne soon.

What makes these numbers more interesting is the fact that Rise is exclusive to Switch right now. The game is still pending for the PC, which slates it to around Q2 next year.

Capcom releases item pack to celebrate milestone

Monster Hunter Rise shifting seven million copies is good news for players in-game. Capcom decided to celebrate the milestone by releasing another commemorative item pack. The commemorative pack will include a few goodies for players.

Known as Kamura Pack 3: Big Hit Celebration, the pack will have five goodies with it. For starters, the pack will have 30 units of Mega Potions and 20 units of Well-Done Steak. Players will also get 10 Large Barrel Bombs and 5 each of Mega Demondrug and Mega Armorskin.

The sales milestone comes off yesterday’s 3.0 update for the game. The update has a few new things for players, including a brand new ending, and two more monsters. There’s also some extra DLC on the side and much more.

Compared to Monster Hunter World, Rise is doing well by itself and it’s bound to do better soon. More updates are still coming, and the PC community is avidly waiting for the game. Most Monster Hunter titles do better once they arrive on PC.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Switch right now. PC gamers would need to wait for another year until it comes to their platform.

Featured image courtesy of Monster Hunter/Youtube Screenshot

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