‘Monster Hunter Rise’ TGS footage shows off new mechanics

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise is now one of the most anticipated titles coming to the Switch. The game, which was set in a grand stage, makes an appearance at TGS 2020, showcasing a ton of new footage.

The Monster Hunter series is scheduled to make a return to Nintendo consoles next year. That game will be none other than Monster Hunter RiseAfter a content-filled Nintendo direct earlier this month, the developers once again revealed more details about the game during TGS. Here’s what we know of so far.

Palamute features

The Palamute are dog companions that can join players in quests. These canine companions can be ridden by the players, but most importantly, they assist the players in battle. Not only do the creatures battle automatically, but it can also be issued some commands by the players.

Capcom also revealed that the Palamutes could be better in-game. Players have the option of bringing two Palamutes on a quest instead of a Palico and a Palamute.

Wire bug features

The wire bug is also another feature being introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s basically like the sling bug in Monster Hunter World, but the wire bug offers more features. Initially, players will be able to bring two wire bugs on a quest. They can expand the number by completing certain quests.

The wire bug can be used to climb walls, jump large gaps, and, most importantly, it can be used in combat.

Each of the weapons in the game will be capable of a combo with the wire bug. Players should master these techniques as they are powerful and can lend them a hand in battle.

Other features

For the first time in the series, there will be stamina and health buffs scattered throughout the maps in the game. These will give players a much-needed boost when facing tough monsters.

According to the developers, the hunters will now be more talkative as well. However, there are still options to make the protagonist sound more silent in the game. It’s not known for now whether the player’s characters can actually speak or if they are just given more grunts.

Monster Hunter Rise launches exclusively for the Switch on March 26, 2021. The game will be a return to form the franchise after the PlayStation 4 outing titled Monster Hunter World. Fans have a lot to expect from the game, considering it will introduce new and old things at once.

Image used courtesy of Monster Hunter/YouTube

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