‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’ Amiibo reportedly in short supply at launch

Official gameplay image of Monster Hunter Stories 2

Fans expecting to get their hands on some cool Monster Hunter Stories 2 Amiibo at launch are in for a surprise. There will not be that many.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is finally releasing globally this Friday, July 9. This comes after a long wait following the game’s release on the 3DS and its subsequent port to the mobile platforms. To coincide its launch, Capcom is in partnership with GameStop to exclusively distribute a merchandise based on the title, Amiibos.

As is true to Amiibo fashion, owning the MHS2 Amiibos come with their own perks when used with the game. This meant getting exclusive items that players will not get any other way. Gamers who would be playing off as a female avatar will want to own the Ena Amiibo for the unique costume it offers.

Limited Supplies

However, it seems like avid fans will have to be more proactive if they’d want to get their hands on one on launch day. There had been reports allegedly coming from GameStop employees themselves, suggesting that the items will come in short stocks. At least, the caveat is that claimers cannot provide an image to confirm said scarcity.

While some may find doubt in those words alone, Amiibo News corroborates the notion in Twitter. According to the tweet, MHS2 Amiibos “will NOT be available on launch day at most GameStop locations”. It comes also with a particular highlight being the issue of “late deliveries”.

With limited stocks at hand, it seems that the retailer is taking active efforts to mitigate the issue. Which, as the tweet claims, is an expedition to disseminate available stocks. But even at its fastest, it seems that the process could at least push back the arrival of said merch to a week later from launch. Also, with a caveat that mileage may vary.

An Interesting Spinoff

A spinoff to the Monster Hunter franchise, Stories sees players in an RPG adventure across a world which involves monsters called “monsties”. While crafting gears from monster parts remains an integral element, combat makes an obvious departure to the game’s high-octane gameplay. Instead, it emphasizes on a turn-based battle, based on rock-paper-scissor mechanics.

Stemming from the foundation established in the seminal title, MHS2 features a familiar and improved gameplay. It takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s amazing hardware capability, which brings in a new triple-A title from Capcom.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo

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