‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’ quality-of-life improvement lets players fast travel from anywhere

Monster Hunter Stories 2 gameplay guide snapshot

A Monster Hunter Stories 2 feature is making it easier for users to travel across the game’s vast landscape.

Another entry into the Monster Hunter Stories franchise just released to the public last week. Essentially a sequel to the first, the game improves upon many things laid out in the original. The game’s beautiful visuals, expanded contents, and extended map make for the obvious enhancements. But it also introduces quality-of-life elements that make playing the game less tedious than the original.

Convenient Gameplay Experience

Players who experienced the seminal title would easily spot the ostensive difference between it and the sequel. Two most notable changes of which include the ability to immediately terminate a battle on the player’s favor and instant travel.

The ability to insta-kill far inferior opponents make for a very interesting part of an easy farming for materials. One that players will greatly benefit from late stage. Once the right condition is met, triggering it merely involves pressing a combination of buttons at any point during combat.

Another beneficial feature that comes with MHS2 is the functionality to fast travel anywhere in the game. While returners would recall this as a familiar feature involving the catavan, this ability is significantly more expanded this time around. With or without a catavan, players can now jump from one place to the next by simply accessing the map. From there, it is just a matter of choosing where to warp into.

Benefits in Action

Anyone who has played Monster Hunter Stories before can attest to how beneficial such functionality is. Especially for players who merely backtracks for specific stuff across a lengthy path or are hunting for eggs at a certain den. The difference of which being the time spent between traversing back and forth specific points and cutting unnecessary leg work mid-travel. While the disparity can be as miniscule as a few minutes, still that’s a time saved that could be spent elsewhere.

Quality-of-life improvements such as the aforementioned do make playing games more fun instead of a chore. With them in place, gone are the days when players have to endure the boring parts. A time they could have indeed been spent in more productive parts of the experience, like exploring broader areas or finishing quests. Truly, these are noteworthy considerations that future games ought to consider and make the encounter a sweet deal among players. Particularly, those merely seeking to be entertained.

Image used courtesy of TagBackTV/YouTube Screenshot

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