‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’ story and character details showcased at TGS

Nintendo and Capcom have two major games launching for the Switch next year. One of which is Monster Hunter Stories 2, which is not the typical Monster Hunter game that fans have been used to.

It’s not just Monster Hunter Rise that players are looking forward to on the Switch. In fact, a lot of players maintain an interest in the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2 as well. This story-driven JRPG just got more details at TGS 2020, and Capcom decided it was time to give players a taste of what’s to come, story-wise.

The basics

The game will allow players to customize their own characters. In it, players will assume the role of Red’s grandson. Both Red and the players are going to be legendary riders in the game’s world. Player customization allows players to change their avatar’s hair, face, facial features, and more.

There are four weapons revealed to be available. These include the Greatsword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, and the Sword and Shield. Four more weapons to be revealed at a later date. This could be the Lance, Gunlance, or even one of the ranged-weapons from the series.

Deeper into the story

Like Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be story-centric, meaning that there will be a bigger emphasis on the narrative. It will have more story elements that any other Monster Hunter entry too.

Another character introduced is Ena, who is a Wyverian girl. Ena will accompany players throughout the game, but she’s more than an ally. She carries an egg given to her by a Rathalos named Ratha. She also has a Kinship stone, which is often used by riders to tame the monsters in the world.

In combat, players can use the Kinship stone to initiate various moves and combos against enemies.

Part of the story will be about why Ena carries a Kinship stone with her despite not being a rider herself. Of course, players can also expect to see the egg hatch at some point in the game. The first trailer hints that the Rathalos are going extinct in the world as well.

The egg that Ena carries could be the key to ensuring that the species survives.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 launches sometime next year exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. This RPG has a prequel that is available for the Nintendo 3DS and mobile devices. It’s an excellent spin-off of the usually action-based franchise, and it’s something fans should give a try.

Image used courtesy of Monster Hunter/YouTube

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