‘Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin’ debuts at Nintendo Direct Mini

Capcom’s Monster Hunter was pretty much the star of the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, and fans of the franchise are happy. One of the reveals was none other than Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Apart from Monster Hunter Rise, the recent Nintendo Direct Mini also showcased Monster Hunter Stories 2This sequel to a hit 3DS RPG has long been anticipated, and it’s good that Capcom is finally working on it. This Monster Hunter game is not the one that players have been used to, but it’s amazing nonetheless.

An emotional journey

Monster Hunter games have never been about the story. Even Monster Hunter World didn’t have an engaging story despite being catered to be that. The 3DS RPG Monster Hunter Stories was different because it focused on telling an emotional journey.

The trailer for the sequel aptly named Wings of Ruin hopes to add more depth to the usual Monster Hunter tale. Based on the trailer, we hear that the Rathalos are running out. For those unfamiliar, Rathalos is basically one of the most popular monsters in the game.

As compared to the first Monster Hunter Stories, the second game seems much more serious. It also has better visuals and a more mature take on the game’s animation.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 will most likely have the same combat system as the first game. It will be turn-based, and players can employ monsters to aid them in battle. In fact, monster taming is a key part of the game.

While we’ve yet to know the exact gameplay features of the sequel, fans are already expecting it to have the same style as its predecessors. In terms of monster taming, players might be able to capture and hatch eggs which can become monsters.

Based on the trailer, the game will once again feature large explorable areas, all filled with monsters. The trailer also showed that some creatures from Monster Hunter World such as the Legiana would make their appearance in the game.

In the previous game, players were able to create an assortment of weapons and armor using the materials from monsters. It’s basically the same system as in the mainline series.

No release date has been given for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. However, Capcom has said that the game will launch during the summer of 2020. We’ll most likely get more details soon.

Image used courtesy of Capcom/YouTube

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