‘Monster Hunter’ Switch version possibly coming soon

After over two years, Capcom is finally putting an end to the stream of content for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Does this mean that a Monster Hunter Switch game is in the works?

Just recently, Capcom announced the last DLC content for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which adds the fan-favorite Fatalis to the game. Moving forward, fans don’t know what’s next for the series. However, fans are hoping that a Monster Hunter Switch game will finally launch, and an industry insider believes this to be the case.

Switch entry is up next

Capcom insider Dusk Golem says that a new Monster Hunter game for the Switch will be announced soon. This is big news for fans as the one and only Monster Hunter for the Switch is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, which is an enhanced version of the 3DS game.

This coincides with Capcom’s announcement earlier this year that they are looking to make a new game for the Switch. That game will be geared towards ‘teenager children.’ That being said, fans are expecting that the series will return to its original form for the Switch version.

Dusk Golem also notes that the new game is being created on the same engine that was used for Resident Evil 7, the two remakes, as well as Resident Evil Village. Capcom planned on porting these games to the Switch as well, but the engine wasn’t capable of the task. The enhanced engine they are using for the Switch is now more capable.

What fans want

While Monster Hunter World was a great game, fans want the Monster Hunter Switch game to be more like the original titles. The simpler and more direct approach to the series is more popular with fans. Since Capcom is using an enhanced game engine, fans should expect a lot of improvements.

There are rumors that Capcom is porting Monster Hunter World to the Switch. However, Capcom itself said that they are working on something new. Fans also aren’t asking for a port of the title, but a new game will indeed be appreciated.

A Monster Hunter Switch game has been requested by fans for a long time now. Moving forward, Capcom might have plans for a new game on the console. With rumors going around that a new Nintendo Direct will take place soon, there is a chance that we’ll get to see what that game is soon.


Image used courtesy of Monster Hunter/YouTube

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