‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Update 5’ coming Sept 30


Capcom has released a new trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Update 5 will be the final update and will arrive in-game tomorrow, September 30.

The new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be a big one, considering it’s the last. It will be adding new monsters, as well as new gear and a few boss monsters. The boss monsters include the legendary Fatalis and Velkhana.

Fatalis and Velkhana will provide late-game content

So far, Iceborne’s final update will add a good chunk of content for players. In general, the two most significant additions will be Fatalis and Velkhana. These boss monsters are nasty but will define end-game content for the game.

Fatalis came out during the first Monster Hunter title and returned to most mainline MH titles and MH: Frontier games. Players can access Fatalis after finishing the Iceborne storyline and the Alatreon investigation.

Fatalis will be in Castle Schrade, which will include a ton of enemies. These will include cannons and the Dragonator – a few toys that hunters can use.

Another upcoming problem for hunters is Velkhana in his arch-tempered state. Velkhana is an ice dragon that drops super-valuable materials like the Velkhana Crystal. Its arch-tempered state means it’s meaner and nastier than usual as well.

Other add-ons to Update 5 include a Clutch Claw Boost, together with new armors and pendants. The Elder Melder also higher rarity decorations, together with having Soul Stream III added.

Apart from in-game content, some voice lines and quality of life improvements also come with the update. There are also changes in proc rates, charms, rewards, and even additional decorations.

Bug fixes and other adjustments also came with the Update. Capcom will detail them once the update comes out.

Upcoming events also come with Update 5 trailer

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and its Update 5 will be the culmination of the Iceborne story. The trailer showed off what fans can expect, so some gear prep needs to happen soon.

The video also detailed Fun Fright Fest, an in-game event that will likely be Halloween. The minor update for that will drop on October 16, which is enough time for players to enjoy.

The trailer also showed off the upcoming collab with Universal Studios. Monster Hunter Iceborne x Universal Studios Japan will have unique drops for players. Taking part in it will net players a cool set of Samurai Armour with Azure Rathalos.

Players who join the quest can also get a water elemental Longsword. A Palico Samurai Armour Set is also up for grabs, together with more wares.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Update 5 will come out tomorrow, September 30. The update will arrive at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.

Featured image courtesy of Monster Hunter/Youtube Screenshot

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