‘Monster Hunter World’ PC patch removes Denuvo anti-piracy software


Monster Hunter World will no longer have Denuvo, with Capcom removing it from the PC version of their title today, June 3.

In the patch, Capcom seems to have removed the anti-piracy software Denuvo for Monster Hunter World. The studio did not specify the removal at all, but rather fans noticed the smaller executable file. The patch is also backed by the game’s history on SteamDB.

Denuvo usually removed after some time

Denuvo is one of the most criticized anti-piracy software in the industry. In many video games, it exists to prevent pirates, but the software has its own problems. Many video game companies opt to remove Denuvo eventually.

As extra protection and validation software, Denuvo adds itself on the size of the game. Some claim that the game impacts the performance of video games. This impact in performance makes the game run worse in some PC specs.

Most video game studios will only remove Denuvo over a variety of reasons. Some companies remove the software once pirates crack the game and distribute it in torrents.

Other studios also remove it after a while, usually when their game is already a few months or years old. Some companies also have a limited run with the software, so once it stops working, they pull it out of their titles.

Capcom biggest user of Denuvo

Capcom is one of the biggest proponents of Denuvo among many AAA publishers. Apart from Monster Hunter World, Capcom has a bevy of other titles with Denuvo. These include their Resident Evil games, Devil May Cry 5, and even Resident Evil Village.

Many of their games don’t have Denuvo anymore, however. They usually remove the anti-piracy software once they have a comfortable player base. MH: World is one of the weirder titles on their list, as it had Denuvo longer than their other titles.

Now that MH: World does not have Denuvo, Iceborne likely won’t have it too. When it comes to performance, players of the game should expect a welcome improvement. Frame rates should improve somewhere between 1% to around 5%.

It also makes sense now that Capcom removes Denuvo from their recent marquee title. Their support now focuses on Monster Hunter Rise, which is currently out on the Switch.

The next Monster Hunter title that will come out for the PC should be Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. The game will come out on July 9, after which Monster Hunter Rise comes out in 2022.

Monster Hunter World is still a great game to play for everyone. Until Rise comes out, World is the definitive PC version.

Featured image courtesy of Monster Hunter/Youtube Screenshot

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