‘Monster Rancher 2’ getting released for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices in Japan

The Monster Rancher series by Tecmo may be dead, but it is never forgotten. In fact, the series is going to get another revival now that Monster Rancher 2 is due out in Japan this fall.

In a surprise announcement, it seems like Japanese gamers are going to get an enhanced version of Monster Rancher 2 this fall. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming title.

The classic returns

According to reports, the re-release of the game will be an enhanced version coming to the Switch and mobile devices. It’s apparent that the game will have better visuals and performance as compared to its original PlayStation release, but there might be more in store for those looking for a change.

More details about the game will be revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu. It’s likely that the gameplay of the title will be changed for the upcoming re-release. Most particularly, the developers are going to have to change how players acquire new monsters in the game.

In its PlayStation version, players can summon new monsters by inserting a new cd into their console. Any CD will work, and one of the game’s charms was getting a new monster each try. It’ll be exciting to see how the developers plan on changing this unique feature.

What is ‘Monster Rancher?’

Also known as Monster Farm in Japan, Tecmo’s Monster Rancher series is based on a popular manga franchise. It’s basically like Pokemonbut the monsters are different. Players will raise and fight with.

Monster Rancher 2 builds upon the foundations of its predecessor. Not only did the game had more monsters to collect, but it also had new features and new ways to enjoy the game. Like all other Monster Ranchers, the game had a feature that lets players use any CD to summon a monster.

Unlike in Pokemon, the monsters in Monster Rancher die eventually, so players had to take care of them. This means giving them the right diet and making sure that they are well-rested throughout the course of their fighting career.

Monster Rancher 2 will re-release for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices in Japan this fall. Fans outside the country are hoping that they get a piece of the game as well, but it seems like there are no plans for it right now. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what’s different in this re-released version of the game.


Image used courtesy of Joaetsu/Pixabay

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