‘Monument Valley’ creators introduce ‘Alba: a Wildlife Adventure’

'Monument Valley' creators introduce 'Alba: a Wildlife Adventure'

Ustwo games, the genius behind Monument Valley, is set to introduce another learning adventure game with Alba: a Wildlife Adventure. 

Monument Valley was a force to be reckoned with in terms of being a mobile puzzle game. Ustwo games is looking like it is about to take the next step with Alba: a Wildlife Adventure. 

Sticking to the brand

Ustwo games took the puzzle game genre into a whole new exciting level when it released Monument Valley back in 2014. Of course, riding on the success and with its player base wanting more of the creative gameplay, Ustwo released Monument Valley 2 by 2017.

This time, it included the story of a mother and a child. The paying public sought the game to be worth buy considering that the game looked like M. C. Escher headed the development. It was both interesting and educational that catered to the masses of all ages.

Two games have been well-received and continue to top the mobile store charts. In fact, the second title installment sold “nearly 3.5 million copies” in its first year out, bringing in US$10 million in revenue—doubling what the first title brought in on its first year.

Come 2019, the indie game studio based in London launched Assemble with Care. A game which is an educational video game as well that guides its players in putting the parts of the device together. What piqued the interest are the items to be assembled, which are retro devices, such as cassette players and wired telephones.

Fast forward to Monday, July 20, with Ustwo unveiling its new project with Alba: a Wildlife Adventure. At the get-go, viewers already know that the game will be educational. It now touches the science aspect of learning.

Alba: a Wildlife Adventure gameplay

The trailer didn’t give many details, but the viewers did get a good look as to what it’ll be. Ustwo is quite keen on having a story behind their games, despite it being just a puzzle game or something mechanical.

That’s one thing that sets them apart from the others, and what players keep on playing. It also one of the reasons behind cementing itself at the top ranks for paid mobile games.

In this game, players will follow the journey of Alba, who is set to protect the animals and the environment. In the trailer, there was a poster about an island clean up initiative which is trying to recruit more people. Hopefully, that is a big hint to a multiplayer mode.

The game aesthetics does give off a bit of an Animal Crossing vibe, which is good, as it’ll be more appealing to the gaming community. Most especially those who don’t own a Nintendo Switch.

Ustwo looks like they are now getting comfortable with expanding outside the mobile platform, as Alba: a Wildlife Adventure will also be coming to PC. On its Steam page, an excerpt of the synopsis reads:

“When Alba visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island, she is ready for a peaceful summer of wildlife exploration with her friend Ines. But when she sees an animal in danger, she realizes she needs to do something about it!”

The details are truly scarce as of this writing. There’s no information about its release date yet. So make sure to stay tuned for more updates.


Featured image courtesy of Alba: A Wildlife Adventure/Steam

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