‘Moon: Remix RPG Adventure’ is coming west to Switch

'Moon: Remix RPG Adventure' is coming west to Switch

Legendary anti-RPG Moon: Remix RPG Adventure will finally come West for the Nintendo Switch. The influential 1997 game will come to the eShop on August 27.

While not many know what Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is, the game is a cult-classic. The game is the quintessential anti-RPG, subverting a variety of expectations for the genre. It is the first of its kind when it launched and was instrumental to the creation of Undertale.

Moon was the prototype anti-RPG

Moon was a game by publisher Love-de-Lic and came out in 1995. The game was a prominent feature of E3 1997 at the time. Even with its popularity, publisher ASCII Entertainment decided against a western release.


The idea of anti-RPG is a relatively old but bizarre concept to fans of the genre. The plot of Moon involves a young boy playing a game-within-a-game called “Moon.” The game is a typical 16-bit RPG title, reminiscent of Chrono Trigger.

The game, as the boy sleeps, sucks the protagonist into the game. The boy assumes the role of the chosen one of the kingdom of Love-De-Gard. In a typical isekai genre style, the boy will go through an adventure of slaying dragons and monsters.

The game, however, satirizes the general idea of an RPG and subverts all of its tropes. Monsters leave behind piles of corpses as they die. It also questions details like how people allow RPG heroes to raid their homes and closets.

Players would also need to play through people’s schedules. Much like Shenmue and point and click game Lure of the Temptress, players need to work through plans. They would also need to help people get their wishes for themselves.

Moon inspired Toby Fox to create Undertale

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is a beautiful prototype of Undertale. It’s a superb story of deconstruction and all the tropes surrounding the genre. The game is visceral, especially for fans who grew up with classic Japanese RPG titles.

Toby Fox, the designer of Undertale, noted that it is the inspiration for his creation. His game received some crucial inspiration from the game, including his LV or LOVE mechanic.

Moon received a Switch re-release October last year but again only for the Japanese market. It seems, however, that there was enough clamor to bring the game to the West. The title is a cult classic that many people missed because it stayed as a Japan-only game.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure will come out on August 27 for the Switch eShop. There is no word if the game will eventually come out for other platforms.

Images courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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