Moonton shares visual changes in ‘Mobile Legends’ in latest Project NEXT update

Project NEXT is Moonton’s way of upgrading Mobile Legends and slowly giving it a new form. The developers have been showcasing the hero reworks in previous videos, and now it did something different.

Moonton recently shared a video showcasing the visual upgrades for Mobile LegendsThese are not only made to enhance the way we see the game, but it also enhances the way the game performs. Here’s everything there is to know about those upgrades in the game.

Hero changes

When it comes to reworking heroes, Moonton believes that it’s not just the skills that need to be changed. As such, the heroes due for a rework often get visual and model upgrades as well.

With Project NEXT, heroes like Alucard, Miya, and Saber are going to change drastically. The developer showcased what kind of visual changes are being made for these heroes in their recent trailer. As per the developer, it’s not just about changing their looks, but also about making them more detailed.

This means that other heroes in the game might get finer details in the future as well. Heroes getting reworked aren’t just getting a finer finish, they’ll be visually enhanced through and through. For instance, Saber’s stance has even changed.

Heroes will also have more vivid colors in the game. Lastly, their skills will have added visual effects as well.

Other visual changes

With Project NEXT, Moonton is hoping to deliver a more immersive experience for the mobile MOBA. That being said, many of the UI assets in Mobile Legends have been adjusted to be more subtle. Once the update arrives, players will notice that visual queues are going to be less noticeable, and there’ll be more time to focus on what’s going on in the field.

For instance, players will see a subtler target indicator when fighting against others in the game. Another key change is that Moonton has made status effect indicators more visible. These visual upgrades not only enhance the game, as these also let players plan out their approach to team fights more.

The developer has also updated the visual queue that appears whenever players level up so that players will get a better sense of progression.

Mobile Legends is currently being changed for the better, and fans are loving the changes so far. There’s still more with Project NEXT, and we can expect Moonton to share more details in the following weeks.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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