More buffs and nerfs for ‘League of Legends’ 10.20 patch notes revealed

More buffs and nerfs for 'League of Legends' 10.20 patch notes revealed

Riot Games has released their patch notes for League of Legends. Expect some champion buffs and nerfs and a rune adjustment.

This week, League of Legends developers unveiled some tweaks for their PBE (public beta environment) that would involve adjustments to the jungle area.

Although they did not include this on the official patch, Riot Games did some slight improvements and balance tweaks on 14 of its champions.

Here we take a look at some of the notable changes aside from the usual skins that we’ll be getting for this patch.

Champion buffs become attractive for solo queueing

One of the notable changes to the patch is a significant buff to Aatrox’s ultimate ability World Ender. His self-healing skill was increased up to 100% at max instead of the usual 70%.

Braum and Illaoi have some interesting adjustments as well. Braum’s first skill now costs lesser mana and inflicts more damage so he might be a good pick for solo queues.

Illaoi’s tentacle spawn passive now has a maximum cooldown of up to 7.25 seconds from 12 seconds.

More buffs and nerfs for 'League of Legends' 10.20 patch notes revealed

Other champions get mixed adjustments

Starting off, Karthus gets an armor reduction because of his reputation of becoming a nightmare in the bot lane. Although he was built to be a jungler, this change may also affect his main role as well especially with the PBE patch in place.

Nunu’s armor has been slightly reduced while Katarina’s dagger retrieval damage ratio has also been decreased. Urgot gets a passive buff against jungle monsters and an improved Purge skill to damage lane minions.

A rune gets less relentless

Aside from the champion adjustments in League of Legends, the Relentless Hunter rune’s effectiveness has also been reduced.

The out of combat movement bonus was lowered to balance out roaming and ganks. This may affect junglers such as Master Yi with his high risk, high reward skill set.

Check out the full list of changes including the skin updates and World 2020 Clash event this year where 16 teams will compete to dominate the Rift.

Images [1], [2] courtesy of League of Legends 

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