More hints point to ‘Apex Legends’ Switch release on February 2

More hints point to 'Apex Legends' Switch release on February 2

Respawn has long announced the release of Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch. Recent hints are leading avid fans to believe that the release may happen on February 2.

The Apex Legends Switch version was supposed to launch sometime in last year. However, just like everything else in 2020, it was pushed back to this year. Should the hints lead everyone to the right information, it would appear that the wait won’t be as long as we would have thought.

Micky News previously reported that Respawn devs cited a lot of challenges in the development of the Switch port. Considering Switch is a portable gaming device compared to the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, one could only imagine the difficulty of compressing such a high-def game into the Nintendo Switch system.

February 2 release?

GameRant reported that the February 2 release date is not exactly a newly-discovered hint. Two weeks ago, rumors sparked last week after an Apex Legends Japanese trailer description on YouTube mentioned Switch release alongside the start of Season 7.

This was pointed out by the Apex Legends News Twitter account.

Moreover, it was pointed that such February 2 release was not included in the English version of the Apex Legends YouTube channel.

This time, the rumor still coming from Japan, an Amazon listing further confirms the release of the Apex Legends “Champion Edition” on February 2, 2021, on the Nintendo Switch platform.

How probable is this rumored release?

Rumors and speculations are common, most especially within the gaming community. Avid followers and fans are quick to pick up easter eggs and link even the smallest details.

The Switch version would be a great way to kick start Season 8. Second, this popular first-person hero shooter battle royale is about to turn two on February 4.

What better way to celebrate a second anniversary than officially releasing the game to the only console gaming port without Apex — Nintendo Switch.

Moreover, its mobile version is said to pave its way within the 2022 fiscal year, which will start on April 1, 2021, per Indian Express

Last summer, Respawn made the biggest announcement of making Apex Legends a cross-play platform by fall. But, unfortunately, the Switch version fell behind.

However, without the official confirmation from EA nor from Respawn, readers are reminded to take this information with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, with February 2 just a week away, avid fans won’t be waiting long for the official confirmation.

Until then, make sure to stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and updates.


Featured image courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube Screenshot

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