More of BTS? Here are their goofy selves on the set of ‘Permission To Dance’ MV


BTS shared a rough sketch of the music video for their new single Permission To Dance, and fans are left gushing over it!

BTS has included an English-language song, Permission To Dance, in their newly released CD version of “Butter.”

It’s here again! The fun side of BTS

Jungkook appears in the restaurant behind Suga at the start of the video. Jungkook’s old self in Danger, with his hair styled this way for the music video, is pointed out by Suga. Outside, Suga explains key dance moves to Jungkook in sign language.

It’s a lot of fun for them to make the moves together. J-Hope tells RM that his bright yellow-green hair reminds him of a tennis ball in a hilarious way.

It turned out that the day of filming was scorching hot. RM uses a handheld electric fan to cool down but says it’s impossible to beat the heat. Jungkook counts the beat while J-Hope, Jin, and Jungkook dance in the sun.

The next day, Jimin and V begin filming the scene with the child actors. When Jimin and V look at the kids, they have slapstick grin on their faces. Finally, the flash mob scene has arrived. Applause greets the dancers and Jimin as they begin filming.

They dance with vigor and exuberance, shouting enthusiastically as they do so. They dance as if nothing happened even when the music stops due to technical difficulties.

BTS reveals that they have not met Ed Sheeran

BTS spoke with Jimmy Fallon about their first encounter with Ed Sheeran, a British singer-songwriter, during the group’s “two-day takeover” at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But RM, the group leader, said that they “can’t believe” that they haven’t yet met Ed Sheeran.

RM explained, “And, you all know, Permission To Dance is the second project we have with him. But, we never met him yet.” BTS had previously enlisted Sheeran as a British singer-songwriter to record their 2019 song, ‘Permission To Dance,’ which was released recently.


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