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More Rainbow Six leaks coming—maps, gadgets and weapon sights


Ubisoft developers are once again improving Rainbow Six Siege – from map reworks to new gadgets and revamped weapon sights.

Since the team promised to address some issues of the game, the stage has been set as more goodies are coming in for this five-year-old game. This week, more leaks have appeared, which puts tactical FPS fanatics off their seats.

Aside from adding two more operators from the roster, it looks like we have a lot of updates to look forward to—from letting the users adjust their aim settings to map reworks and character.

This month, blurry footage of the leaks appeared on YouTube, and now it looks like that the low-quality leaks are now being confirmed this week. A lot of content creators have taken their sweet time in extracting clearer footage from Redditor Zer0Bytes, who is one of the main sources of the Steel Wave leaks.

Maps getting reworks—as well as some old operators

Just when gamers thought the House map was the only one that would get a rework for this year, it looks like fans are in for more surprises.

More high-quality video leaks are coming in this week starting with YouTuber Samiatrix, showing footage of a map rework of Skyscraper as well as the Tachanka operator rework in action announced by Ubisoft last February.

As observed in the video, the Pathfinder operator can now roam around with his heavy machine-gun instead of just staying in one place and wait for operators to show up in his sights.

For the Chalet leaked map rework, it looks like the area somewhat expanded compared to the previous iteration.

Additional Elite skins are also being introduced for some veteran operators such as Tachanka and Buck, to name a few, and the latest released elite skins can also be found here for those who want to collect them.

Gamer Felonies also leaked other skins for the Rainbow Six operators in anticipation of the “Tour De Force” Battle Pass event on June 29, which players can see in this Reddit thread.

Adjustable aiming plus more gadgets coming

As Rainbow Six Siege adds two more operators with unfinalized codenames, “Scout” and “Aruna,” it looks like more gadgets are being introduced like the secondary hard breacher that can break obstacles similar to Thermite’s special detonation device, only smaller.

Weapon sights are also being added as well if players want a different preference for scoping, whether it be a holographic or an ACOG.

Aiming Down Sights (ADS) has been a setting that’s being tinkered by serious FPS players nowadays. Another update was revealed for Rainbow Six Siege, where players can now set their Mouse ADS sensitivity according to their preference.

This tweak may set the bar in terms of competitiveness among players. Ubisoft sure knows how to keep the Rainbow Six community hyped since the June 16 release of Operation Steel Wave.

Featured image courtesy of Rainbow Six Siege/YouTube Screenshot

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