More Sega PC ports ‘aggressively’ coming soon

More Sega PC ports are likely on the way for fans around the world. The company promised that it is looking to “aggressively” port games to the platform.

The recent flood of Sega PC ports comes from the company’s epiphany with Persona 4 Golden. Due to its unbelievable showing in Steam, Sega is ready to ship more games west. The strength of their digital PC sales amidst the COVID-19 pandemic means more games.

Sega video game division only performer for first quarter

So far, Sega’s Entertainment Contents division is the sole performer for the company. The Japanese publisher notes the impact of the pandemic on many areas of business. These include the arcades, pachinko shops, and holiday resorts they have.


The strong showing for the first quarter for Sega’s Entertainment Contents division came from digital sales. The division had a commanding 45.1 billion yen sales showing for the quarter. The company puts a forecast of 214 billion yen in sales for the upcoming year.

In the same report, it’s only the Entertainment Contents division that has a positive potential. Sega drives that the growth of sales in their chart comes from people staying at home. Over the next year, they expect a strong showing but will wane down.


Within the division itself, their “Consumer” area, in charge of video games, showed promise. Their “repeat sales” show a 300% growth from last year, referencing newly released titles on the PC.

Sega will “aggressively promote” previous titles to Steam

According to an interview, Sega PC ports are going to be a priority for the company. The company said before that Persona 4 Golden sales were “significantly higher than expected.”

“Going forward, we intend to aggressively promote the porting of previously launched titles to Steam and other new platforms,” Sega noted. “Under such direction, we would like to take multi-platform rollout in account and prepare the PC version and others from the start.”

So far, fans are asking for more games from their Atlus brand. Persona 5 will likely perform well on PC, considering fans clamored for it for a long time. It’s easy to speculate that Atlus is the bottleneck that prevents more games coming west.

Sega has one of the strongest showings on PC in the west. Some of their titles include Yakuza: Like A Dragon, A Total War Saga: Troy, and PSO2. They also have Alien: Isolation and Two Point Hospital.

Whatever it entails, Sega PC ports are always a welcome addition. PC players will be more than ecstatic to get more games into the master race platform.

Images courtesy of [1] MAHATHIR MOHD YASIN/Shutterstock and [2], [3] Official Press Release

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