More than 1500 Activision Blizzard employees sign condemnation letter


More than 1500 Activision Blizzard employees signed a letter that condemns company leadership in response to sexual harassment allegations in its offices.

Activision Blizzard employees have become the center of attention due to a lawsuit. The state of California itself launched the lawsuit, thumping the company with several charges. These include allegations of harassment, discrimination, and even a “frat boy” culture.

More than 1500 current and former employees of the company ask the management of the company for compassion towards victims.

Management still deny allegations against company

In a letter retrieved by Kotaku, the letter condemns how the company responds to the allegations. So far, management had mixed reactions on the lawsuit. Many have tried to deny the listed allegations, but much of management went silent through the week.

“We believe these statements have damaged our ongoing quest for equality inside and outside of our industry,” said the letter. “Categorizing the claims that have been made as ‘distorted, and in many cases false’ creates a company atmosphere that disbelieves victims.

“It also casts doubt on our organizations’ ability to hold abusers accountable for their actions and foster a safe environment for victims to come forward in the future. These statements make it clear that our leadership is not putting our values first. Immediate corrections are needed from the highest level of our organization.”

Blizzard Old Guard admit failure

Activision Blizzard employees are not the first in the industry to reveal sexual harassment allegations against their management. Ubisoft, for example, is still embroiling in sexual harassment allegations that started last year.

There are also several complaints of not only grooming and sexual abuse within the fan base, but in smaller studios too. Even the Blizzard Old Guard have apologized over this behavior that they missed during their time.

“Our company executives have claimed that actions will be taken to protect us, but in the face of legal action — and the troubling official responses that followed — we no longer trust that our leaders will place employee safety above their own interests,” added the letter.

“To claim this is a ‘truly meritless and irresponsible lawsuit,’ while seeing so many current and former employees speak out about their own experiences regarding harassment and abuse, is simply unacceptable.”

The letter vows that they “will not be silent” amidst the allegations. Among the people that they called on include Frances Townsend of the ABK Employee Women’s Network.

The number of signatories on the letter is growing, with notable former Blizzard Activision employees signing the letter. These include former leaders like Mike Morhaime and Chris Metzen.

Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment/Youtube Screenshot

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