More than 2 million cheaters banned in ‘PUBG Mobile’ in a week

PUBG Mobile Anti-cheat trailer snapshot

In a bid to fight off cheating in PUBG Mobile, the system has spotted more than 2 million cheating players who, consequently, were banned according to their unique offense.

Coming from an official tweet by PUBG Mobile, therein, it claims that 2,273,152 were shunned from the game due to their transgressions. The prohibition, as it appears, does affect not only the account used with the cheating but also the device.

Part of the tweet includes a breakdown of the offenses committed and their respective percentage, leading to permanent suspension:

  • 32 percent: X-Ray vision
  • 27 percent: Auto-aim cheats
  • 22 percent: Other cheats
  • 12 percent: Speed cheats

Each of these transgressions is pretty straightforward by their names. Nevertheless, they could require further elaboration for those who are not aware as to the nature of each hack.

X-Ray Vision

Drawing an allusion from the same technology that lets us see the inner workings of the human body, X-Ray vision lets cheaters view other players behind any obstruction. This means having the capability to see an opponent behind a wall or within a building that is otherwise opaque to general players.

For a game that relies heavily on tactics in real-time, using a tool that allows for X-ray vision gives an unfair advantage to the user. Without question, anyone who employs this cheat must be cut off from the game.


Whether playing in first or third-person mode, shooter games like PUBG Mobile depend on precision as part of winning. Considering the nuances that determine the accuracy of each shot, an auto-aim hack gives the cheater a split-second advantage over any other person who doesn’t use it.

Another main issue with auto-aim is that it allows for precise attacks that are otherwise mitigated by distance. Meaning, even at a certain distance, shooting becomes grossly accurate with an auto-aim enabled.

Speed Hack

PUBG Mobile is a game that is set in its physics that uniformly affects everyone. That includes running speed. Cheaters who use speed hacks, however, bypass this limitation which lets them move at speed many times than normal.

In a game where the ability to evade from or chase after an opponent plays a pivotal role in winning, speed hackers gain the leverage of fast movement speed illicitly. Many of which too obvious such that they would merit the permanent effect of the “ban pan” as a sanction.


If a certain anomaly occurs in the game as induced by an external tool and doesn’t fit from any of the aforementioned, you know it’s a cheat that falls to a category of its own.

Image used courtesy of PUBG Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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