More than 200 New Emojis Are Coming Next Year


A new set of emojis has been approved to be out next year. All-new emojis include a mending heart, a face in the clouds and a heart on fire.

Unicode has approved 217 new emojis for implementation in 2021, assembled here by Emojipedia. This approval toward inclusivity is a continuation of Unicode’s movements last year when it first added a trans pride flag.

The upcoming little cuties will be able to help people express their feelings, especially in describing 2020. However, not all smartphones will have it ready next year.

New Emojis Sum Up How We’re All Feeling this Year

Unicode Consortium, the decider of all things emoji, ultimately expresses what most of us are feeling today in this crazy world. However, as reported by Entrepreneur, the pictograms probably won’t be ready until 2021.

The new emoji, part of the 13.1 rollout, probably won’t be on devices until 2021. Unicode was pushed back to version 14 because of the pandemic, and most phones don’t even have Emoji 13 yet.

But here are some of the new emojis you might want to check out.

Face with spiral eyes

This pictogram is the look of someone who feels dizzy, confused, or out of their mind. Unicode describes this face with spiral eyes as a sign of “trouble, whoa, dizzy.”

Face in the clouds

For people with a confused mind, head-in-the-clouds feeling, this emoji’s for them—the perfect emoji for that quarantined, socially-distanced kind of day.

Face exhaling

Are you feeling exhausted? Tired? No energy at all? This might be the perfect emoji for you. However, we are not sure if this yellow circle face is just vaping, sneezing, coughing, or exhaling.

Heart on fire

This emoji could symbolize deep burning passion in love or deep anger. The choice is yours.

Mending heart

From the name itself, this emoji expresses a broken heart that is healing.

Couple with heart

For all the lovers, this is an excellent emoji for them. Couple-with-heart emojis come in four different gender variations: gender-neutral, woman-woman, man-man, and woman-man–and come in 5 other skin tone options.

These are just a few of the many upcoming emojis. As of now, there is no announcement yet on when the exact date these cuties will rollout.

One thing we are sure of is that the Unicode committee meets annually. The meeting is for them to improve existing emojis and add more exciting ones.

Improving representation has been a significant concern for the consortium, which began modifying emoji skin tones and adding same-sex couples in 2015. And interracial couples were recently added in 2019.

Images used courtesy of 60celine/YouTube Screenshot.

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