Morgausse, other pro players leave ‘Fortnite’

Morgausse, other pro players leave 'Fortnite'

The Fortnite community continues to lose numbers due to unattended game issues. Just recently, pro player Morgausse made has publicly denounced himself from the BR game’s professional scene.

The issues surrounding the Fortnite community continue to make headlines as Epic Games is still keeping mum about the ongoing game issues, despite the loud cry of its users.

Just last week, Micky News reported that the Battle Royale game’s user-based community made #RIPFortnite trend worldwide. The players have been voicing out their in-game issues online, in the hopes that Epic Games would finally act on it.

Many famous names from the Fortnite community have posted on their respective social media and streaming platforms addressing the unattended game issues as well.

Well-known Fortnite content creator Ali “SypherPK” Hassan addressed that all the pro players and content creators are no longer happy with what is happening to the game.

In fact, SypherPK noted that a lot of them are crossing over to Valorant and finally leaving Fortnite. 

This weekend, Fortnite loses another big name as Morgausse finally decided to step away.

Who is Morgausse?

Austin “Morgausse” Etue is a 20-year-old professional Battle Royale player for Rogue in the pro Fortnite world.

Morgausse has been a “regular competitor in Fortnite Champion Series events,” per ESPN. He came into the limelight in September 2018 after winning the Summer Skirmish at PAX West, bagging a whopping $225,000 cash prize.

He caught everyone’s attention after beating Fortnite‘s biggest name, such as Nate Hill from FaZe Clan, Team Liquid’s Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan and Timothy “Bizzle” Miller of Ghost Gaming.

Reason for leaving

During the early morning of Sunday, Morgausse posted “Quit Fortnite, Left Rogue, Pursuing Valorant” on Twitter. It was followed by a shortened link from TwitLonger, which contained a further explanation of his controversial tweet.

Etue proclaimed, “I will not be pursuing competitive Fortnite any longer, and I see a brighter future for me in Valorant.”

He then continued to explain that his exit from the Fortnite competitive league also meant leaving his team – Rogue. The 20-year-old pro player clarifies that he’ll be entering the Valorant world as a free agent.

Although he thanked Epic Games for the opportunities that were given to him, he cited that the reason for his unexpected exit is due to the decline in Fortnite’s competitive environment.

His announcement reads:

However, Epic Games has failed to maintain a truly competitive environment, and it has slowly made me hate the game as time went on. From bugs going unchecked for months on end, to how absurdly broken aim assist is, to the lack of communication to their competitive scene, Fortnite is simply not competitive.

Weeks before, Team Liquid’s Jake “Poach” Brumleve and  Keenan “Rhux” Santos have also announced their leave from Fortnite. Vinny “Vinny1x” Gilgan, however, made an early exit in February, also citing the same problems as Morgausse and all the others.

Sees a better future in Valorant 

Riot Game’s Valorant has been catching a lot of attention lately. The multiplayer FPS game has not even officially been released yet, but it’s already being dubbed as the next big thing in the video game community.

Morgausse and other pro players have now decided that it’ll be best for their professional growth to crossover to the Valorant world.

Before Morgausse’s exit, Harrison “psalm” Chang, last year’s Fortnite World Cup runner-up, has already jumped over.

If Epic Games doesn’t turn this around, the speculations that Fortnite is dying will eventually become its reality. With new competitive games arising, there is an immediate need to either keep up or give their community good reasons to stay.


Featured image courtesy of MØRG/Twitter

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