‘Mortal Kombat’ director talks of potential sequel, character inclusions

Mortal Kombat Red Band trailer snapshot

Following a box office success that brings a franchise back into the limelight, Mortal Kombat director Simon McQuoid speaks of potential sequel and possible character inclusions to go with it.

Fans of the franchise are mixed when it comes to how 2021’s Mortal Kombat came out. On the one hand, it was praised for showcasing fantastic set pieces that starkly contrast its cheesy 90’s counterparts. On the other hand, it may have been a cause of disappointment to those in anticipation of seeing their favorite characters. But, sadly, did not make an appearance to receive a latent fanfare.

The film is indeed amazing in what it had presented, highlighting both intense combat and signature moves that are reminiscent among fans. But with limited appearances of known figures from the entire MK universe, the film came off somewhat lacking. Or otherwise simply just in reserve of the other good bits.

The latter is even enforced at some points in the film where teasers are clearly in place to those familiar to the film’s lore. More specifically, hints involving two Kombatants, Kitana and Johnny Cage, that were staple in the video game series. The display can be excused as merely a tribute due to ostensive absence. However, it could also be suggestive of eventual show ups, as in a sequel.

The Director Has Spoken

Speaking to an interview with Variety, McQuoid shared his thoughts regarding the film’s potential follow-up. Upfront, the MK director claims that plans for a sequel is not yet in place. Stating primarily at how the production crew had given their 100% in the project, leaving no discussion for the “s-word”.

The filmmaker is not completely dismissive of the possibility of a sequel. But is something that he highlights as within the say of fans, rather than the decision of the team.

Missed Appearances

Further into the discourse, a topic was raised regarding the obvious nonattendance of Johnny Cage. Which, to those who did not know, makes for one of the seven seminal Kombatants that make a recurring presence throughout the series. To answer the question, McQuoid cites the iconic figure’s “giant personality” as the reason for the exclusion. That is, citing how his presence could alter the balance of the film.

Another character that also gathers interest is Kitana whose signature weapon was, at one point, demonstrated in the background. But unlike Cage, there’s uncertainty in the female Kombatant’s possible appearance in a sequel. Pointing to the franchise’s rich contents that will require diving deep into.

When asked as to what he would personally like to include in the probable follow-up, the Mortal Kombat head mentioned of more female fighters.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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