‘Mortal Kombat’ trailer is the most viewed red band trailer

The recently revealed trailer for the upcoming Warner Bros. movie Mortal Kombat has become the most-viewed red band trailer.

Previously, the records of the most-viewed red band trailer belonged to Deadpool 2 and Logan. However, the game-based Mortal Kombat movie’s first look trailer is now the most-watched clip of all time.

Simon McQuoid is the director of the Warner Bros. film.

‘Mortal Kombat’ movie: What to expect?

The video game turned movie has undoubtedly created a massive buzz for itself now that its trailer has become so popular. Another reason for it can be because it was gory, bloody, and violent. And that’s what the die-hard lovers of the gaming franchise wanted to see.

And the Mortal Kombat trailer granted their wish without keeping any boundaries or restrictions.

It didn’t prove to be a good idea for making a film out of the gaming series. It was in 1995 when revealed the first big-screen adaptation. But the majority of the fans didn’t like it.

It was restricted in a lot of ways, including in its graphical portrayal also. And no one wanted to see a Mortal Kombat film without blood-soaked bodies.

But now the time has changed!

The upcoming fresh take is for the current generation, who’s already played the latest games in the iconic franchise.

However, there were many hurdles in the project’s way of coming to where it is now. After its initial announcement many years ago, it went through a lot of obstacles. Then 2020 happened, and it faced a long phase of significant delay.

But things are normal now, and everyone is waiting for the eventual release.

The only thing remaining to be witnessed now is the movie’s final quality when it arrives after a month.

More games, more adaptations!

Meanwhile, there’s not just one game that’s gaining attention in the form of live-action adaptation. Now is the best time for any major video game title!

It’s because there seems to be a newfound interest among many big Hollywood studios about making video game movies or TV shows.

Prominent names like BorderlandsResident EvilTomb Raider, Uncharted, The Division, and The Last of Us are all getting either a film or a TV series adaptation.

It looks like many other iconic console titles may also arrive on the big screen in the future, which is a good thing for fans no matter what. Their ultimate dream of watching gaming characters in live-action is getting fulfilled, finally!

Coming back to Mortal Kombat, the film will be released on April 16, 2021, on HBO Max streaming service and theaters.


Image courtesy of ONE Media/YouTube Screenshot

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