‘Mortal Shell’ will get physical edition this coming October

'Mortal Shell' will get a physical edition this coming October

For players who love Mortal Shell, physical copies are coming soon. The Souls-like will have its physical copies out, but at a later date than its release.

The surprisingly stunning Mortal Shell is coming out this week, August 18. As launch day looms on, dev team Cold Symmetry announced the game would have a physical release. Even then, it will only hit actual store shelves by October.

Physical edition to come with freebies

According to an announcement on their official website, physical copies are on the way. Their development came as a request from an overwhelming demand from fans.


“We’ve heard your requests,” said the announcement. “In fact, we’ve been stunned by the sheer amount of people who have asked for a physical edition of Mortal Shell. So we’re delighted to reveal that a boxed version of Mortal Shell is now in production! Due to the extra time required for manufacturing and distribution, the boxed version will arrive a little later than the digital edition.”

The physical edition for Shell will only arrive in North America and Europe. It will come with a few pieces of sweet merch, giving people the incentive to buy it.

Physical copies will come with a fold-out poster and a softback artbook. It will feature concept images and character art unseen anywhere before. These boxed editions will come at US$30 [AU$41.80], which is a nice, decent midpoint.

PC editions for the game will not have an actual disc inside. It will have a redemption code, where players can get it on the Epic Games Store.

Shell is ready to overtake Dark Souls

It’s not surprising that Mortal Shell is getting a physical edition at all. The Souls-like RPG is a hit during its closed beta, so much that fans forced it open. 150,000 testers played the beta, which was an overwhelming demand across the board.

The delay is also understandable, with the pandemic still ravaging most of the world. A last-minute decision to offer a physical version is a superb community decision. It will benefit the game in the long run for many reasons.

For starters, Shell will likely be the next hit game. It’s at the cusp of creating a definitive Souls-like title that doesn’t merely borrow from the title. It’s gritty, visually stunning, and the story is equally compelling.

The game is mind-blowing, and titles are at a point where they’re ready to overcome their inspirations. While Dark Souls is a legend, Mortal Shell is carving its own path. The game will be available on the Epic Game Store, PS4, and Xbox One.

Images courtesy of Playstack/Youtube Screenshot, Mortal Shell/Official Press Release

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