Most Hot 100 No. 1 Debuts Of All Time Tally: BTS levels with Drake and Justin Bieber

BTS ties two of the biggest names of the global music industry with their most incredible records. BTS, having its fourth Hot 100 song that easily became dominant, they are now on the same level with Justin Bieber and Drake.

Billboard announced that BTS’s Permission to Dance easily became the official No. 1 song in America after release. The Hot 100 debuts the track in the highest space, making it the fifth winner of the most popular songs in the largest market music in the world. 

BTS ties two of the biggest names of the global music industry

BTS’s fourth No. 1 single is Permission To Dance. They had already accumulated two more leaders before 2020, one of which was their Korean-language hit Life Goes On, which launched as high as any title. On the other hand, their debut English-language single, Dynamite, was their first chart-topping hit.

BTS’s third No. 1 debut on Hot 100 was less than two months ago with Butter. Since then, the single has dominated the charts, and the band is now in the first place.

BTS was tied with Travis Scott, Mariah Carey, and Taylor Swift before this week. All three have had three No 1 debuts on Billboard’s most important singles charts. The K-pop stars have now surpassed two other superstars.

BTS’s next target: Ariana

Only one artist has ever reached the No. 1 spot. Grande has had more No. 1 debut on Hot 100 than Drake and Bieber. The pop singer is the first to start five singles:  7 RingsThank U, Next, and Stuck With U, Rain On Me, and Positions.

No. 1 debut of Permission to Dance was due to a huge sales sum. It sold just over 140,000 copies in both digital and physical formats. The song was also a huge success on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, with 15.9 million plays within its first seven days. 

Although the summer hit was a huge success on the radio (including the Hot 100), it didn’t do well on radio. As the band is still focusing on their single Butter, which recently reached the top 10 of Billboard’s Pop Airplay ranking, the composition was not properly promoted to DJs or programmers.


Image courtesy of HYBE LABELS/YouTube

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