Inside Bitcoin SV’s lavish new $40m Caribbean HQ

Even the Prime Minister of Antigua seems impressed with the $40 million building which Calvin Ayre calls ‘the home of the original Bitcoin’.

Bitcoin SV’s billionaire financier Calvin Ayre – also the founder of the Ayre Group and Bodog – has just unveiled his new global headquarters on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Dr Craig Wright describes Ayre as his “mentor” and the gaming billionaire’s support has been crucial in getting Bitcoin SV off the ground.

Ayre appears to be on a one man mission to convince the rest of Crypto Twitter that Wright is Satoshi and Bitcoin SV is the ‘real’ Bitcoin.

Ayre describes the five storey building – known as Canada Place – as the “home of the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV in that part of the world”.

The most impressive building in Antigua

The Prime Minister Gaston Brown called it “easily the most impressive building on the island, hands down.”

The complex includes its own solar farm providing 500 kilowatts of power to service the complex’s entire needs.

The solar panels have been installed in such a way as to provide a roof for the employees’ carpark.

The fifth floor of the building is devoted to an employee lounge, with a cafeteria, outside eating area, games room and a library.

There’s even a day care centre and a gym.

The Antigua Observer visited the complex on Friday.

Valuing employees

Say what you like about Bitcoin SV, but Calvin Ayre certainly seems to treat his employees well.

“We tried to create an environment where basically the employees feel valued,” he said.

“Unlike just about every other building I’ve seen in my life, the executive suites aren’t on the top floor.”

At the opening ceremony this week Brown said “unlike other exploiters we have a true partner in Calvin Ayre who is working conjointly with the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda to ensure the advancement of this beautiful twin island state”.

In other Bitcoin SV news

Bitcoin SV has done comparatively well this week, slumping just 7% on seven days ago at the time of writing.

Earlier this week Bitcoin SV was listed on KuCoin which claims 5 million users. It’ll be in trading pairs with BTC, ETH and USDT.

Ayre also revealed recently he’s converting his mined Bitcoin to BSV as fast as possible. (So maybe he tanked the market?)

Among Bitcoin SV devotees, there’s a belief the cryptocurrency will skyrocket when Wright gains access to the Satoshi wallets in January – though Wright wouldn’t discuss this when Micky interviewed him in London recently.

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