Most noteworthy changes and nerfs in ‘League of Legends’ v10.13

League of Legends v10.13 contains plenty of hero adjustments. The update attempts to change the current meta, especially in the pro scene.

The Summer Split has officially begun, and it seems everyone is using the same meta over and over again. The upcoming League of Legends v10.13 will aim to rebalance the most overpowered as well as the least picked champions in the current meta.

Looking through the League of Legends v10.13 update, it is clear that the update focuses on restricting the most powerful champions. In addition, the developers are also looking to reintroduce a few old champions into the meta.

Aside from these there are also nerfs on the most famous rune and the least used item in the ongoing meta. Here are the most notable adjustments brought by League of Legends v10.13.



His attack damage gain per level has been decreased from 2.2 to 2. This means Aphelios will have lower base AD as he progresses through the game.

The Crescendum Chakrams’ duration has also been nerfed. It will no longer reset when used on epic monsters which will significantly affect his control around important neutral objectives.

Lastly, his R-ability called Moonlight Vigil will have its critical damage reduced by over a half. This will undoubtedly affect his total damage output.


The cat champion has grown overpowered over the recent updates. Yuumi is also considered to be one of League of Legends’ most powerful supports.

Now, the developers have decided to give her a nerf. Yuumi’s E-ability, Zoomies, will now cost a whopping 15% of her total mana whenever the spell is cast.

This will limit Yuumi from using her other abilities, such as Final Chapter and Prowling Projectile.


Death’s Dance

This item is exemplary equipment for top lane champions since it gives sustainability in clashes, especially for marksman heroes.

It is overwhelmingly powerful when used by high DPS champions such as Aphelios.

Since the Death’s Dance is now a part of every ADC champions’ item builds, it is a good decision by the developers to balance it.

Soon, the item can only store 10% incoming damage, which will allow weaker champions to burst a marksman’s HP during a clash.



On the latest update, the buff will have its max stacks reduced by two. Also, the rune’s Adaptive Force will be lessened by 0.5 on average. This is a hefty adjustment and will force players to choose other runes.


Guardian’s shield will now be slightly reduced in the upcoming League of Legends v10.13.

Featured image courtesy of Dexerto/YouTube Screenshot

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