Most popular hero picks for ‘Apex Legends’ Season 5

Since launch, a majority of the characters in Apex Legends have changed dramatically. All these are done to shake up the game every once in a while, but has Respawn Entertainment made enough changes to force a new meta?

According to recent data for Apex Legends, it seems like the meta hasn’t changed much despite the addition of five new characters to choose from since launching last February. Here are the biggest takeaways from the data.

Wraith is still the most popular legend

Since the beginning of the game, Wraith has always had a place in the hearts of fans. Aside from her character design, players of the game are particularly fond of Wraith’s kit, which offers a lot of versatility in terms of defensive and offensive strategies.

Her portals remain as one of the most utilized abilities in the game. It can be used to ambush, but it can be used to escape as well. Players who are more creative can even use the ultimate to lure enemy players into traps. From the data, it’s obvious that Wraith has a huge lead over the other legends in terms of picks.

Legends with ambush and escape abilities are popular picks

Apart from Wraith, the legend with the highest pick rate is everyone’s favorite robot, Pathfinder. Like Wraith’s portals, Pathfinder’s zipline gives players the capacity to escape and ambush anytime they want. These are some of the most utilized tools in Apex Legends.

Zipline is better in some ways as it does not disappear after a set period of time. This means players can use it to get to points of advantage whenever they want. The drawback, however, is that zipline has a shorter range than Wraith’s portals.

The least popular heroes

In terms of popularity and pick rates, the lowest Revenant, Crypto, and Gibraltar. Gibraltar and Revenant have great skills, but to fully utilize them, players will need a lot of careful planning. For instance, Gibraltar’s airstrike only works well if players are able to throw it in an area with a firefight.

As for Crypto, his drone ability is great for scouting ahead, but the problem is that it leaves Crypto vulnerable. It also renders him unable to help his team in battle.

These top hero picks in Apex Legends dictate what the current meta is. Obviously, players want a team that allows them to get in and out of battles easily.


Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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