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Most powerful ‘Apex Legends’ heroes according to stats


Apex Legends introduced the character system to the popular battle royale genre, and it’s been effective so far. The game and its cast of characters have been popular with players, and we’re starting to see why some legends are more popular than others.

It’s tough to say which of the characters in Apex Legends are more powerful, seeing as Respawn Entertainment tries to balance them all out equally. To get a better look at the tier list of the characters in the game, some players have decided to check out the average stats on the legends to see which of them are more likely to gain the victory.

Most damage per match

It’s argued that the most significant stat in a match of the game is the damage the player deals. It is more important than kills as some players can kill others with only a few hits. For damage dealt, however, it reveals the effectiveness of the player in combat.

When it comes to this stat, Pathfinder is at the top with an average of 491.01 damage per match. He is followed by Wraith and Lifeline, who have 482.96 and 472.77, respectively. Pathfinder’s place at the top spot is most likely attributed to his ability to engage enemies quickly.

At the very bottom is Bloodhound who deals an average of 393.10 damage per match. He’s the only character with an average below 400. It is a surprising finding considering how Bloodhound can easily track and engage enemies.

Most kills per match

When it comes to most kills in Apex Legends, its Lifeline that takes the top spot with an average of 1.60. She is followed by Pathfinder and Wraith, who has 1.58 and 1.54, respectively. It is yet another surprising find as Lifeline’s kit isn’t exactly focused on getting kills. She’s a support character in the game,

Pathfinder and Wraith’s position at the second and third spots shouldn’t be surprising, as well as they both have aggressive skills. Again, at the bottom is Bloodhound, who averages 1.12 kills per match. It is surprising as well as Bloodhound’s kit is rewarded if players get to down others more often.

These results from Apex Legends are affected by the pick rates of the heroes. It gives us a glimpse of the current meta in the game, and there’s a chance that Respawn Entertainment might release the appropriate tweaks to shake things up.

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