Motorola Edge Plus device set to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S20

Packed with the latest specs, the Motorola Edge Plus is said to rival Samsung’s newest release,Galaxy S20.

Dormant for several years, Motorola is making its way back to the android world to introduce its newly released flagship phone, Edge Plus.

Motorola Edge Plus is yet to be the most powerful phone created by Lenovo in years since the release of the first-generation Moto Z smartphones in 2016. Moreover, Motorola will be flaunting the Edge series as it also unveiled the release of the Edge mid-ranger android phone.

Most notable specs of Motorola Edge Plus 

Lined with a lot of impressive specs, the new Motorola Edge Plus packs a curved 6.7-inch full-HD+ OLED display.  Although the curve feature is not new in the market, Motorola offers a more aggressive waterfall-style display design which is similar to Oppo and Vivo.  

Although Motorola has struggled with its camera features in its former phones, the company is now investing in its upgraded camera trademarks.

The Edge Plus is also equipped with a 108-megapixel primary camera, and its main camera has the capability to record 6K videos at 30fps. The Edge Plus carries the ultra-wide camera angle feature in an impressive 16-megapixel with f/2.2 aperture and 117-degree field of view. 

The flagship phone also features an 8-megapixel telephoto lens that guarantees a 3x optical zoom output. Moreover, users will also be excited about its 25-megapixel front camera. 

The Motorola Edge Plus to compete with Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung’s Galaxy series has been in the market for years and continued to be on top of the ranks. Samsung’s latest release, the Galaxy S20 offers an equivalent, or not, an impressive offer on its upgraded features.

However, Motorola Edge Plus took an enormous boast to compete with Samsung Galaxy S20. The Motorola is competing with Samsung Galaxy S20 in pricing at $1,000.

It also has the same screen size as the Galaxy S20 and the same battery power which operates at 5,000-mAh.

Furthermore, the Motorola Edge Plus boasts its camera features as it competes with a 108-megapixel camera as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

Motorola Edge Plus competes with its gaming features

For gamers, high-end games run perfectly in Samsung Galaxy S20, as well as it offers great animation. However, the Motorola Edge Plus will have the option to adjust screen it in the new moto Gametime mode. 

There is an option to adjust the shoulder buttons or reposition the screen button for better gameplay experience. The 21:9 ratio screen has a 90Hz refresh rate so the animations and images are clear and crisp. 

Another feature for the Edge Plus allows the gamer to choose the option to override the variable setting lock it into 60Hz or 90Hz. With the latest features available, Motorola users may not have to change brands.

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Image Courtesy of  Gadget 24/ Youtube Screenshot

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