Motorola Razr is now equipped with the newest Android 10 updates

Motorola Razr is now equipped with the newest Android 10 updates

Motorola Razr users can now use their AU$ 2,699 phone with the latest Android 10 updates.

Motorola has made the outer shell screen display more functional for basic tasks. Last year marked the advent of foldable screen displays. Samsung paved the way with the Galaxy Fold with little success.

It was then followed by Motorola with the newest iteration of the old favorite, Motorola Razr. The release of the loved flipped phone plucked the right nostalgic strings in the hearts of its old users.

Unfortunately, the release was met with some criticisms because the phone didn’t ship with the latest Android 10 system.

Motorola Razr is now Android 10 updated

Motorola had to wait for five-month before rolling out Android 10 on Motorola Razr devices. The dated Android system was the drawback for most interested buyers. Now, users can jump in on the fun and enjoy the phone with much better features.

The Quickview display on the outer shell of the flip phone got the meatiest upgrades from this OS update.

Quickview now allows instant replies and better app controls

Using the updated Android OS, the Quickview display now allows replies to messages using smart reply detection similar to predictive texting. Not only that, Motorola Razr users may now enjoy replying to messages using a full QWERTY keyboard on the tiny display.

More than messaging, the Quickview display also now allows better control of multimedia. A user may skip or pause music on the tiny display without having to flip open the phone. Users may also use the Quickview display for a turn by turn navigation using Google Maps. This feature is very important as not all drivers have to mount for their phones in their cars.

Better camera functionalities

The Quickview display will also allow users to take quick selfies on the small screen with just one swipe. The small screen will also now be able to support video calls with a simple tap or swipe on favorite contacts.

All of these additional functions for the Quickview display connect seamlessly when the phone is flipped open.

New updates to mask its weaknesses

Several experts find the Motorola Razr to just be a one-hit-wonder. They don’t expect the phone to experience big successes moving forward. The Motorola Razr ships at a flagship price, but the specs sheet do not support it.

The two glaring problems of the phone can be found in its hardware. First, the battery size of the phone is a measly 2,510 mAh. Second, the camera system on the phone is simply mediocre. Several other non-flip phones have better camera arrays compared to the Razr.

Image courtesy of @MotorolaUS/ Twitter

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