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Movie director claims Capcom copied his Monster for ‘Resident Evil Village’ boss fight


A movie director recently claims that Capcom has copied one of his monsters for a ‘Resident Evil Village’ boss fight.

When it comes to the idea of creating monsters out of our favorite characters, Resident Evil Village does it better than anyone else.

In the previous installation, the developers wanted to scare the fans. That is why they made the antagonist into a huge monster to appear before Ethan Winters and, who can forget the transformation of Mia.

But recently, a movie director has claimed that Capcom has taken the idea behind one of his projects and characterized their boss fight in the same way.

From where is the copy made?

Dutch Director Richard Raaphorst speaks that the boss found in the recently released Resident Evil Village game is a ‘one-to-one copy of a monster that he has created for his 2013 found footage horror film called Frankenstein Army.

Frankenstein Army is a project of this director that was done in 2013 for a horror film soon released then. It features a hulking humanoid with a propeller for ahead.

It is eventually taken down with the help of a group of soldiers and executed in an explosion of flames.

You can see the video right here.

Resident Evil Village, which was recently released, features a boss fight with a monster known as Sturm.

Ethan encounters this monster at Heisenberg’s factory. This is equally featuring the hulking humanoid who has a huge propeller for the head, and as players will play the event, it can only be destroyed with the use of an explosion of flames.

The boss fight is meant for all the players who reach the final stage of the game. Raaphorst said that the design of the monster is a completely one-to-one idea.

Every single scene from the movie has been copied to the game

Raaphorst event said that Capcom had copied the scene from their movie, and except in his movie, you have to cut loose the fuel tubes. That is the only thing that is missing from the game and on the final match.

But the whole thing is getting into flames, and then it completely explodes, and then the way it rotates through the camera, Raaphorst remarked that it is all the same. Even the environment, the whole color palette, looks like a complete animatic version of the movie.

Raaphorst had even exclaimed that Capcom has in no point approached the director and that he only found out about the similarity when he received a message from his fans on the 7th of May, the day Resident Evil Village went on sales.

At first, Raaphorst was pissed by the idea of the team coping with his movie, but then he said that he was proud of the fact that all the reactions he was getting from his fans. But he exclaims that it takes a considerable amount of time to develop a great design and a good plan that is executable.

It is tough to communicate a cool design to the team and get the work going. It is not just that ideas are floating around you, and you can suddenly grab one. It is hard labor, and Raaphorst speaks of it as ‘creative abuse.’

Image courtesy of GameClips/YouTube

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