Mozilla Firefox launches Private Relay feature that helps protect email privacy

Mozilla Firefox launches Private relay protects email privacy

Mozilla rolled out the new Firefox Private relay, a service to help keep email addresses private.

Mozilla introduced its newest extension over the weekend. The service is called the Firefox private relay. The recent release is an email address browser extension. It works by asking for aliases in replacement for an actual email address.

Mozilla Firefox Private Relay’s purpose is to reduce the frequent keying in of email addresses. This will reserve the disclosure of the actual details for more confidential transactions.

The browser maker aims to protect users from spam operators. The relay will also prevent the advertisers from copying email addresses and flooding consumers’ inboxes with tons of email advertisements.

How to access the private relay

In order to use the product, a Mozilla Browser user needs to ask for an invite from the site. Since the extension is still on the testing stage, users can only get to enjoy it upon acceptance of the invite.

Upon receiving the invite approval, Mozilla Firefox Private Relay will be accessible as a Firefox add on. All the user needs to do is head over to the-add on and generate an alias in replacement for the email address.

Once the process is done, the user can then input the email alias in just one click. Now filling in online forms, new account registrations, newsletter subscription, and sending contact requests comes easier.

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A Mozilla representative said that the browser maker will forward the emails sent to the alias to the user’s inbox. Through this, emails and suspected spam do not go directly to the user’s address.

For unwanted emails and advertisements sent through the alias, Mozilla has a simple suggestion. The representative said that users can just disable or delete the messages completely.

The browser maker’s spokesperson added that they hope to provide an easier solution than email providers do not usually disclose. They made the product available so that users can eliminate their email aliases in a click.

More private relay offers

Mozilla is not the first one to offer an email alias generating service. In the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the Cupertino tech giant introduced an almost similar product.

During the said big event, Apple unveiled the “Sign in with Apple” login system. Similar to the Mozilla extension, the service generates a unique alias to replace the customer’s Apple ID.

The Mozilla Firefox Private Relay test began last month. It is still in closed beta mode will enter the public beta by the end of this year.

Image courtesy of othree/flickr

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