Mozilla shuts down Firefox Send and Firefox Notes

Mozilla shuts down Firefox Send and Firefox Notes due to malware delivery.

Mozilla is one of the topmost web browsers being used to search anything on the Internet.  Firefox Send and Firefox Notes are banned, which were part of the Firefox Test Pilot program.

Firefox Send was being utilized to transmit malware viruses. It was a free end-to-end encrypted file-sharing service that can be used to send any files by Mozilla. But it was brought offline in July after Mozilla found out it was being manipulated to distribute malware and perform spear-phishing attacks.

Mozilla to stop services temporarily

Currently, the Mozilla company has decided to decommission the entire service. Meanwhile, Firefox Notes was an end-to-end encrypted automatic data-syncing service. Both the services are to be killed by the Mozilla Team, which were part of the Firefox Test Pilot program.

On XDA Developers’ post last Sept. 18, Mozilla stated that Mozilla Firefox Send and Firefox Notes would no longer be available and detached from Mozilla company.

Firefox Send was introduced in March 2019 but had to be taken offline by Mozilla company as it came to be a tool to deliver trojans, malware and execute phishing attacks.  Meanwhile, the firm had said that the service would not be available only temporarily for some period, as the Mozilla team is working on product restorations.

However, in the blog, Mozilla said that it weighed the cost of its ‘overall portfolio and strategic focus,’ and decided not to relaunch Firefox Send. Since the service is already offline, Mozilla said that no significant changes would take place.

New sign-in mechanism

Mozilla is ready to update service, including a new mandatory “sign-in” system for all users. Currently, the Firefox Send has been deactivated until the improvement of Mozilla services. However, Mozilla has not yet notified when the updated services will launch.

After a rise in the report of malware-hosting, Mozilla has decided to stop the popular Firefox Send Services temporarily. The company peeps to begin the ‘Report Abuse’ mechanism before resuming Firefox services.

These ultimate measures are completed to mitigate any ongoing unethical procedures that were sure of the service.

Colin Hardy, the UK cyber-security researcher, referred by ZDNet, to announce that Firefox URLs are natively believed within organizations, hindering spam filters. Similarly, it saves cybercrime mobs from financing their own time and wealth, giving rise to their file-hosting ecosystem, and the end-to-end encrypted data further hides malware detection.

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