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‘Mr. Prepper’ guide: A happy inspector for permanent escape


Rejected Games dropped the full version of “Mr. Prepper” on Steam earlier this month.

Weeks have passed since the full version of Mr. Prepper dropped on Steam. As avid players continue to enjoy the game, some are still in dire need of help to prepare for their character’s permanent escape.

This is why several outlets have since released various gameplay guides to help fans and players. One of these publications is iTech Post, which has provided the public with an overview of the game.

About ‘Mr. Prepper’

The goal of Mr. Prepper is to prepare Bob for his permanent escape. He can only do so by creating his own rocket ship in secrecy.

This comes after Bob, a guy living in the country with a new government that oppresses him. As explained, they are “making things personal” because of the impending nuclear war.

The challenge in this dynamic lies in the “inspectors” who regularly visit Bob’s home. This is why plans and other “suspicious activities” inside the house should be executed in secret.

Best tips for permanent escape

The publication shared some tips for players on how to complete the “ultimate plan” in Mr. Preppers. These mainly target how to avoid suspicions from the inspector.

Accordingly, some of the best tips include no excessive furniture disassembly inside the house. As much as possible, Bob has to source the rest of the materials for the rocket in other ways and instruments.

Bob should not also miss an inspection date. This can only happen when the character leaves the house on schedule or forgets to answer the door upon the arrival of the inspector.

Players have access, though, to the inspection schedules. The glasses icon in the calendar indicates all the dates of the visit.

Keeping the inspector happy

Tech Times released a similar report, following the arrival of the full version of Mr. Prepper on Steam. As pointed out, players should always keep the inspector happy in every visit.

The reason being is that the happier the inspector, the higher Bob’s “preparedness score” will be. Consequently, the more successful the player will become in escaping the war.

There are several ways on how to keep the Agent happy. Firstly, the player should keep away all suspicious things. These include “metals, woods, bins,” and other items that may raise doubts.

Secondly, ensure to keep all the furniture and appliances in their original places. Players may assess the specific locations by checking the “Control Instruction” mail every day.

Lastly, do not forget to cover the bunker door. Every player of Mr. Prepper knows the importance of this because it automatically raises suspicions when the inspector arrives and sees the underground ladder, leading the way to where Bob builds the rocket ship.

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