‘Mrs. America’ season 2: Will the miniseries get a renewal?

'Mrs. America' season 2: Will the miniseries get a renewal?

Mrs. America has come to an end and now fans are wondering if there’s going to be more. Will the show get renewed for a second season?

Mrs. America is a drama miniseries made exclusively for Hulu. It is loosely based on the story behind the Equal Rights Amendment and follows a reactionary woman named Phyllis Schlafly.

Since its release on April 15, many critics have called it to be the “best new show of 2020.” It’s also composed of big stars in Hollywood like Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Banks, Margo Martindale, John Slattery, and Tracy Ullman among others.

But now that it has already released its season finale, this could mean goodbye to seeing Blanchett popping up on the small screen each week.

Will the series get a season 2?

The question now is whether Mrs. America will get a second run. According to Bustle, the future of the show is still unclear.

It is still possible for the drama series to get a season 2 but apparent hints seem to suggest that it may not be as uncomplicated as it looks. Despite having positive reviews, season 1 episode 9 may just be the last of it all.

One obvious hint that the show is only meant for one season is the fact that it’s made to be a limited series.

This means that from the beginning, it was really meant to have just a total of 9 episodes and it’s supposed to be a short-term run. There’s always an exception though.

Series like Big Little Lies and Fargo are some titles announced to be a limited series. But it still got unexpected renewals for another season. Mrs. America can follow their footsteps and scratch off the original plan of having just nine episodes.

But then again, the cast lineup is something to be considered. Big stars like Blanchett, Byrne, Paulson, and Banks are expected to have very tight schedules.

This could mean that conflict in schedules among the stars could arise if FX will decide all of a sudden to pursue a sophomore run.

Interest for a second season

It’s not only the fans who are clamoring for more from the series. Showrunner Dahvi Waller has also expressed interest in getting a season 2. However, she admitted that the obstacles are real.

“I don’t know that we would have been lucky enough to get the cast that we were lucky to get if it weren’t a limited series. That’s the great thing about limited: you can get actors who can’t commit to five years,” Waller told Vanity Fair in April.

She remains to be positive though saying that there are still lots of source material available to work with.

And if things will end up like Fargo which has now four seasons, then she’s willing to tell more stories for Mrs. America.

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