‘Mulan’ free streaming for all Disney+ subscribers happens in December

The live-action Mulan is set to premiere on the Disney+ streaming platform on Sept. 4 for $30. However, subscribers may enjoy the movie for free three months after its debut.

Disney shifted the release of Mulan to its streaming platform after pushing its theatrical release more than once due to COVID-19. To watch the live-action film, users may sign up for a Disney+ monthly subscription ($6.99) or a yearly subscription ($69.99).

Once subscribed, users in North America need to pay an additional $29.99 for the Premiere Access to Mulan. It’s a permanent purchase that will allow them to watch the anticipated movie on opening night.

According to Screen Rant, the pre-order for the live-action on Disney+ comes with a fine print. It states that all existing subscribers, including those in other territories, can watch the film for free on Dec. 4.

Is the movie a shot-for-shot remake?

Mulan is based on the animated film Disney released in 1998. The movie stars Yifei Liu as Mulan, Tzi Ma as Zhou, Yoson An as Honghui, Donnie Yen as Commander Tung, Jason Scott Lee as Bori Khan, Gong Li as Xianniang, and Jet Li as the Emperor.

The film takes on a slightly different direction as the animated film. For one thing, its focus is purely on the character’s heroism. There is also no comic relief from animated characters.

Director Niki Caro also scrapped the musical element of Mulan. However, it will still carry the same soundtrack as the old movie with Christina Aguilera updating the song, “Reflection.”

Aguilera also agreed to record the new original song, “Loyal Brave True,” to reflect what the movie represented. It is about the strength and vulnerability of a woman.


Yoson An talks working with Liu Yifei

Meanwhile, actor Yoson An, an Asian based in New Zealand, feels it’s surreal to be working close to Chinese superstar Liu Yifei. Before Mulan, An said he grew up watching The Forbidden Kingdom, Liu’s blockbuster in China.

“We had a lot of fun hanging out together as a group,” An revealed. “She’s probably one of the most humble and focused actors I know. That aspect of hers has inspired me to be even more diligent and dive deeper into my craft.”

An is also thrilled to be working with several Asian superstars that he only used to watch on the screen.

“I have a lot of respect for them,” An shared. “While we were shooting in the South Island, I lived with Donnie for over a month under the same roof. We had dinner every night and played pool together, so we got to know each other pretty well both on and off the set.”

The actor is proud to be part of a Hollywood movie that highlights the Asian community. Outside of the U.S., Mulan will be running in theaters beginning the middle of September.

Image used courtesy of Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

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