Multiplayer horror game ‘Nemesis: Distress’ announced for PC


Ovid Works and Awaken Realms announced Nemesis: Distress today in a new video. The game is an adaptation of the latter’s super-popular board game, Nemesis.

Both teams announced Nemesis: Distress in a teaser trailer and the game has some Alien: Isolation vibes going for it. Even then, players are not alone when they move their way around the cramped corridors.

The game has other players in the same space, but not because they’ll help.

Nemesis pits players against each other in a monster-packed spaceship

Nemesis is a unique first-person horror multiplayer game. The player starts by picking a character from a pool, each with asymmetric skills from each other. Every player has their secret tasks to finish, making other players your enemy at every step of the way.

The goals of the game change for every character every match. Matches can last up to 40 minutes, which means the gameplay will be expansive. Not only do players need to look out for other players, but there’s also another threat on the loose.

Within the confines of the spaceship are intruders, “ever-evolving” at every point of the game. The PvE element is insidious, and players can go around and undermine each other.

Players can interrupt other players by setting sections of the spaceship on fire. They can also try to close doors and trap them, control information, spread bad info, and much more.

The entire idea is to get ahead of other players and fulfill the objective. These can be anything from killing other players to redirecting the ship to Mars. Players can even get the objective of trying to remove the intruder nest.

Backers for Nemesis board game will get PC game for free

The gameplay of Nemesis: Distress plays out a lot like the Alien: Isolation game and the original Alien movie. The game seems that it will be fun once it’s all out.

For those who want to see more of the original boardgame, curious fans can take a look at the Kickstarter page for Nemesis Lockdown.

Lockdown is a standalone expansion for the board game. Awaken Realms now received more than $4.8 million in backing out of a requested $50,000+ amount.

Players who pledge around $16 can get early access into the game and a $5 discount. Players who give full support for the board game can get the digital game for free.

Nemesis: Distress will be available on Steam and players can put it on their wishlist now. The game itself does not have a publisher listed yet, so there is no information when the game will come out.

Featured image courtesy of Awaken Realms Digital/Youtube Screenshots


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