Multiplayer horror title ‘Dead By Daylight’ teams up with ‘Silent Hill’

'Silent Hill' teams up with multiplayer horror title 'Dead By Daylight'

The next Dead by Daylight downloadable content includes a couple of familiar places and a nostalgic locale from the Silent Hill franchise.

Asymmetric multiplayer horror title Dead by Daylight has been known to feature downloadable content (DLC) characters from several horror pop culture franchises, including Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Stranger Things.

The online horror game’s next DLC is a collaboration with legendary Japanese developer Konami to bring in characters from their esteemed Silent Hill series.

With Konami seemingly showing no interest in the franchise since its falling-out with Hideo Kojima, the upcoming Dead by Daylight DLC may be the closest fans will get to a new Silent Hill title in the foreseeable future.

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC

Developer and publisher Behaviour Interactive announced the Konami partnership with a 45-second cinematic trailer showing off the two characters and level that made the cut.

The video shows a young woman hiding from a villain with a giant triangle for a head, inside a really creepy school.

Long-time fans will recognize the girl as Cheryl Mason, the protagonist from Silent Hill 3, and a supporting character of the first game in the franchise. She’ll be the new survivor joining Dead by Daylight.

The upcoming killer is none other than the infamous baddie Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, though Behaviour Interactive is opting to use his other name which is The Executioner.

Finally, the school is Midwich Elementary from the original Silent Hill title, which served as a key location to the game’s overall narrative. The school was featured briefly in the third game and in the Silent Hill film as well. Midwich Elementary will be Dead by Daylight’s latest map.

Rumors of Silent Hill’s return to form

The godfather of psychological survival horror Silent Hill hasn’t had a mainline release in over 8 years. While fans have been pining over a series revival for years now, Konami has yet to reveal any plans to bring the franchise back to life.

There have been rumors making the rounds, however, of a franchise reboot planned for the next-generation as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Industry insider Dusk Golem recently leaked news that the Silent Hill revival is allegedly being developed by Sony Japan Studio with series’ creator Keiichiro Toyama spearheading the project.

Expectant fans should keep their fingers crossed in hopes that Dusk Golem’s information is legit. In the meantime, they can revisit Silent Hill when the Dead by Daylight DLC drops on June 16.

Image courtesy of Konami/Twitter

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