Multiple companies partner up to bring Miles Morales’ shoes in real life 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales x Adidas

Spider-Man: Miles Morales copyright owner, Marvel, game developer, Insomniac Games, PlayStation, and German shoemaker, Adidas, are going in for a collaboration that will bring the game protagonist’s pair of kicks into real life.

To come in color mixed between black and red, the sneaker shoe has the ostensive allusion to the new web-slinging superhero.

“It’s a classic design, connected to New York, and quintessentially Adidas, and one that features the timeless colors for which Spider-Man is most known: the black suit with the red spider icon.”

Other obvious Spider-Man references

If the color choice alone cannot be any more obvious, the Spider-Man attribution is also made more conspicuous with the franchise’s iconography embedded around the heels. That is the “spider and web” design that came into popularity through the franchise.

Making an obvious business tie-up between two companies for the footwear is also the logos for both PlayStation and Adidas at the front. Further engravings are also found at the insoles where Insomniac Games’ and Marvel’s brand are in print. Adding with the inscriptions are also both the PlayStation and Spider-Man logos as well for further marketing.

The product is still to hit retail stores on Nov. 19, 2020. But it will make for an interesting wait among shoe collectors.

New Spider-Man, New shoes

Essentially Spider-Man from a different universe, Miles Morales’ appearance on the big screen is remarked for many things, including the shoes he wears. In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (2018), in particular, where he is seen donning the Nike Air Jordan 1. Those who are into footwear would identify Nike as a premium brand. Let alone the Air Jordan 1 as the product.

Seemingly a marketing stunt aimed at capitalizing from Miles Morales’ growing popularity, especially with a Spider-Man game’s release under his name. However, the press release claims that the product is a tribute to New York on its 50th anniversary.

Similar shoes in-game

Meanwhile, anyone who would play Spider-Man: Miles Morales would also see the similar shoe worn by Morales himself. Instead of a single design, the game will feature two cuts of the same footwear—hi-top or low-top.

Each cut is not something the player can select at a whim for Miles Morales. Rather, it will be dependent on the costume that the player will choose to equip Miles Morales with. Something that early adopters of the game would discover when the game releases on Nov. 12, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Adidas/YouTube Screenshot

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