Multiple ‘Silent Hill’ games are in development for excited fans


Since Konami have announced their partnership for the next Silent Hill game, many production houses have started developing.

Konami has previously shared their plans to produce Silent Hill, but other development companies are looking forward to the same thing.

Silent Hill was one of the most horrifying tales of horror games for the video gaming industry. The game introduced the survival horror genre as the main protagonist had to run away from the benevolent spirits chasing after him and the endless long haul of the dark corridor.

What is Konami saying on this?

Excited players have shared their concerns and have said that they are ready to be a part of the new community regarding the new Silent Hill game launch.

Konami has a brief history with the Silent Hill franchise.

Konami has tried to dash all the rumors regarding their Silent Hill Twitter account. Their developers have come out and have shared plans during the new game launch, which is still in the works, but they have apologized regarding the content being delayed in a recent plan.

Fans who are readily excited for the game have asked the team to work on the title faster for a better release and a trailer to drop soon. Silent Hill sequel is going to be a blockbuster for the year if it was planned for 2021.

So the multiple production houses who have signed up for the game’s release are working on the quick drop of the release.

It is good and bad news for the fans.

It is good news for some because, at last, Konami can outsource some of their content for the other production houses to work on, but this is just a plain rumor as nothing has been confirmed since now.

On the downside, there is bad news for eager fans as well. With so many Silent Hill games at work right now, it can be hard for the team to get their licensing done for one game that will stand out from the rest of the lot.

Production houses are ready to take up the title as it has been pending for a very long time. Depending on the plot, the characters added, and a few more suggestions, the new game will have a strong storyline to start with.

It should come up with a better idea, completely unoriginal, and put to work for fans eager for the release. Whichever way fans decide to look at it, it can be based on their bated to breathe to know what is happening behind all the closed doors.


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