‘Murder House Flip’ gets renewed for season 2 in Quibi

'Murder House Flip' gets renewed for season 2 in Quibi

Murder House Flip fans are getting more episodes. The short-form video platform Quibi just renewed it for another season.

According to Deadline, Quibi has picked up the second season of Murder House Flip. This follows even after reports say that the California-based streaming service struggles with subscription numbers.

But the home renovation series is a hit in the platform, and now many are looking forward to flips of houses with a history of a crime scene.

What is the series about?

For those who are not in the loop yet, Murder House Flip is a unique spin on the usual home renovation TV shows.

It’s unique on its own because they’re not just flipping any house, but they pick the ones known for mysterious murders committed behind their walls.

The unconventional theme is not a surprise since its executive producer is Josh Berman from CSI, Chris King from Penny Dreadful, and author Katherine Ramsland. Sony Pictures TV is also part of the list.

Hosting the show are designers Mikel Welch and Joelle Uzyel. Both of them are high-end renovation experts, and homeowners turn to them to erase the memories of the past of the house.

And just how it’s a true-crime meets home renovation series, Welch and Uzyel turn morbid into fabulous.

“Thank you all for making Murder House Flip a success! I can’t wait for a bigger and better season of spooky renovations and telling it like it is!” said Welch.

“We are so grateful to everyone who responded to our show. I can’t wait to get some incredible new renovations underway. Looking forward to changing the lives of some very deserving homeowners!” added Uzyel.

Season 2 details

As of the moment, there are no details yet on the release date of the second season, but the first one came out upon the launching of the streaming platform last April.

Season 1 had a total of 12 episodes, but it only featured four homes as each story is chopped up into three parts. Quibi is short for “quick bites,” which means that all video contents in the app are less than 10 minutes.

It’s no different for Murder House Flip. In fact, due to time constraints, the show limits its storytelling on the crimes that have been committed in each house featured.

As Collider puts it, “you don’t get enough info about the murders for this to count as true crime, but you also don’t spend enough time with the homeowners to get the cathartic pleasantness of a renovation show.”

Stay tuned for more updates soon on Murder House Flip.

Featured image used courtesy of Quibi/YouTube screenshot

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