Museum of Digital Art and Entertainment closes; Runs fundraising campaign for relocation

The Museum of Digital and Entertainment (MADE)

A video game preservation gallery, the Museum of Digital Art and Entertainment (MADE) is closing the doors of its California headquarter after falling into hard times as a repercussion of the ongoing pandemic.

Otherwise known as the Video Game Preservation Museum, MADE has recently announced the closure of its Oakland-based building following the unsustainability that comes with the ravaging effect of COVID-19.

“Help Save the MADE” Campaign

Ran by people who had genuine concern over the establishment, MADE staffs commit to a campaign that seeks to fund its relocation instead. Dubbed “Help Save the MADE,” the initiative is already active, as can be seen on the museum’s own website.

The landing page for the campaign is a little plain at its current state but is still subject to renovation. It lacks a fancy presentation; however, it also makes up for a strong statement over the scheme’s intent. The goal is to raise between “$500,000 to $2 million” funds, and the proceeds of which will be used to find a place where MADE can continue to operate, if not a permanent home.

In a press release, it was proclaimed that MADE’s assets, which consist of “over 12,000 video games, home consoles, and memorabilia,” have been temporarily displaced to different storage. A move that shall see the MADE staff make plans “to raise funds for, plan, and design” for the establishment’s new abode.

While active in their campaign to meet the goal, the plan will expectedly take at least two years. Subsequently, leaving MADE’s precious properties in their temporary seclusion until ready to be move elsewhere.

Not useless

Despite the unusual setup, the MADE staff will still take advantage of showcasing many of history’s amazing digital accomplishments. Doing so via “a variety of programming, including home rentals, partnerships with local libraries, and online exhibitions and classes.”

Donations do play a central role in the overall campaign as well. However, another aspect is the need to connect with relevant entities who could help expedite the relocation process. In particular, pertaining to both video game studios and corporate sponsors.

Getting the attention it deserves, YouTube channel Noclip conducted a short video on the topic of the museum’s closing. All in the bid to raise awareness and hopefully aid in getting the establishment back to its feet.

For more information regarding the Help Save the MADE campaign, go to this link:

Image used courtesy of The MADE

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