Must-have competitive ‘Pokemon’ in ‘Sword and Shield’ to win every battle

Catch and train these powerful Pokemon to guarantee an effortless win every time you join competitive battles.

After finishing the main campaign of Pokemon Sword and Shield, players can join online competitive Pokemon battles. This ranked battle system allows players to enter continuous battles to earn Battle Points, improve their rank, and receive rare items such as Bottle Caps.

The competition is tight, and most players inside the arena have already planned combinations and strategies that will improve their chances of winning. For beginners, all legendary, mythical, and Gigantamax Pokemon are not allowed in competitive battles because of their exemplary stats.

However, there is still a lot of superbly powerful Pokemon in the game that can wipe out an entire team.


If a player is planning to join online ranked battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Mimikyu should be on top of their must-have list.

Mimikyu is the most used Pokemon in ranked battles and will surely be in an enemy’s party 90% of the time. Mimikyu’s Disguise ability allows this Pokemon to take an attack that will damage it to just a 10th if its max HP. This means the Pokemon can always cast Swords Dance without fail.

Having its attack stat improved by two levels at the start of the battle means it can wipe out almost any Pokemon that comes its way.


Dragapult is Dragon/Ghost Pokemon isn’t as popular when Sword and Shield was first released. However, it is still a great pick because of its legendary like movement speed.

Dragapult was one of the fastest Pokemon worth remembering during the past online tournaments. Dragapult can be used as both special and physical damager.


Toxtricity is one of the most unique Pokemon in the new series. Toxtricity has a Poison/Electric typing, which gives it the ability to learn a wide array of lethal moves.

It can learn Toxic, which can drain the life of the tankiest Pokemon. It can also learn Gear Shift – one of the rarest moves in the game, which boosts a Pokemon’s attack and speed.


Excadrill has been a go-to Pokemon in ranked battles because of its ability to counter Rotom and Mimikyu. The ability called Mold Breaker can go through Mimikyu’s Disguise and Rotom’s Levitate to break their weak spots.

One good tip in raising this Pokemon is to boost its Speed stat so that it will always attack first during battles. With moves like Rock Tomb and Horn Drill, Excadrill can almost go head to head with any of the Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

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