Mutant containment trucks are going to make their way into ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite's Wolverine Week 5 Challenge

Fortnite’s Season 4 has brought the Marvel Comics universe at the center stage which sees players donning costumes based on several iconic figures in the franchise and be witness to a myriad of notable iconographies. But the fun does not end there—there’s still a surprise coming in a form of an object that plays antithesis to mutants, the mutant containment truck.

It seems that some entity in the Marvel universe has got wind of certain heroes having entered a new realm. And, much like the case in their original homeland, it does not want the mutants elsewhere.

But what better way to handle mutants and their inhuman capabilities than with a ride designed especially at such? One need not have to be up-to-speed with the comics to apprehend the purpose of this machine. Which, by how its sound, is groundbreaking enough to contain most, if not all, mutants.

Here Comes the Trucks

Coming for the Week 5 challenge, the mutant containment trucks will expectedly arrive on September 24, 2020. Similar to vehicles of its kind, this advanced contraption will pop up in areas where land transports usually are. Like, roads, open spaces, parking lot, or even in the “unlikeliest” of places.

As of writing, it’s still unsure about the role these wheels can be used to navigate Fortnite’s vast terrain. But those who are seeking a cool ride should set their focus on the Iron Man Whiplash Car. Which, while may be untrue to its label, offers decent enough velocity for it to be a fast car.

The Wolverine

Speaking of a mutant that needs “containing,” Season 4’s highlight seems to be targeted at Wolverine who has an ongoing set of challenges. One of which directly ties to the introduction of the mutant containment truck. Which is only as simple as locating one somewhere on the map.

But while waiting for the trucks themselves to arrive, players can go through the game’s existing challenges, each of which with a reward. The rewards go as follows:

  • Week 1 Challenge: Berserker Barrage! spray
  • Week 2 Challenge: Adamantium Slash loading screen
  • Week 3 Challenge: Wolverine’s Trophy (Severed Sentinel head) back bling
  • Week 4 Challenge: Ferocious wrap
  • Week 5 Challenge: The MCG (Wolverine Vol 2. #145) glider style

Although still to make their entrance into the game, here are the upcoming challenges and their corresponding rewards:

  • Week 6 Challenge: Wolverine outfit
  • Week 7 Challenge: Weapon X emoticon
  • Week 8 Challenge: Banner
  • Week 9 Challenge: Snikt! Built-in emote

Exciting times ahead for Wolverine fans in Fortnite.

Image used courtesy of The X-treme Guy/YouTube Screenshot

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